8 Ideas to Help You Get Creative and Monetize

Have you ever noticed that our inner genius and creativity tends to gets stifled when we’re busy looking at what everyone else is doing?  We get distracted from our own possibilities.

If you feel like you’re not in “flow,” or that you’re not creating with ease, you may want to reduce the amount of time you spend checking out what other entrepreneurs or experts are executing …. and focus on your own work for a little while.

If you’re looking to diversify and start creating multiple streams of income, then you’re making a smart move.  This is where you want to put a good deal of your focus.  Rather than putting all of your eggs into one basket, let’s spread things out a bit.

So, for the next short while, let’s forget about what everyone else is doing and focus on options for your business and success.

Here are 8 ideas to help you get creative and monetize:

  1. Create one video per month, and sell it in a monthly subscription series. (Get the full details of how to do this here!)
  2. Start a monthly meetup or mastermind group. This is EASY and offers fast results. I charged $50 to my monthly meetup and always sold out. Masterminds can go for a much higher price point too – and most everyone wants to join a mastermind group for accountability and support. Neither require much work from you except bringing everyone together.
  3. Become a re-seller or affiliate of almost any product or service of your choosing. From online shopping cart software to watches to baby clothes, most products online will give you 25-75% + commissions for selling their product/service. Check out sites like ClickBank.com and Commission Junction.
  4. Start a paid newsletter and have users pay monthly or yearly to get training, tips and resources.
  5. Sell email coaching and allow users to consult with you over email for a predetermined amount of time. Even better, create a 52-week autoresponder email program where each week you send training via email (but it’s all automated so you set it up once and let the program run on auto-pilot!).
  6. Turn your blog posts, podcasts and/or videos into a book. Sell the eBook on Amazon, get the book printed on demand and submit it to directories.
  7. Create a series of “how-to” videos. Use software like Camtasia for screen recordings.  A camcorder or webcam would be great for all other video. You could create four 15-minute videos, package them and bam! You have a product.
  8. Internet Marketers ALWAYS have a wealth of ideas and very little time to pull them all off. Network to find these guys and ask if they have any projects you can complete for half the profit!

There are TONS of creative ways you can take your knowledge and expertise, package it and offer it to others. It’s just a matter of keeping your head down and executing these ideas one at a time.

Online business momentum really is a linear process. Just pick one thing, knock it out, then pick the next thing to do. Before you know it, you have a product empire and are monetizing in lots of different ways!  🙂

Remember, being a peeping Tom on others will just drain your energy and distract you. Now is the time to ramp UP and make this year YOUR year…..just like you wanted on January 1st!

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Amber Vilhauer

Great practical tips, as usual Amber!”
– Larry Boyer Business Analytics & Strategy

Thank you for this excellent post. Just what I needed!”
– Gerald Strever Financial Modeling Expert

These are great tips, thank you.”
– Claudia Liebenberg Consultant & Mentor

Excellent advice! Especially the tips about video marketing. Can’t wait to share! Great job, Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer!”
– Kevin Campbell CEO & Master of Storytelling

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