21 Rules to Live By

Not too long ago, I shared a list of 21 top business truths, and I was just thinking about how AWESOME the response was. Then, it reminded me of a different list I had written… geeze, almost 9 years ago… but it rocks, and I wanted to share it with you today. 21 Rules to […]

3 Life Lessons You’ll Want to Read About

I have a different kind of message for you today compared to the other ones you’ve seen recently. And, by the way, thank you so much for the total outpouring of praise over recent emails and the content I’ve been sharing. That feedback keeps me going! 🙂 I was up in the middle of the […]

Nothing But Gratitude!

While recently sitting at my mother’s kitchen table in Tucson, Arizona, I was overcome with gratitude and wanted to share some of my thoughts as a way of saying thank you. A few week’s ago, you’ve were likely bombarded with emails and ads promoting Black Friday sales, Flash Sales, Limited-Time-Only sales and so forth (and it’s […]