SUCCESS TIP: Take Advantage of Fridays

On Friday, many people are fried from the busy work week and planning an early exit. Hey man, this happens to me too, so no judgment! However, Friday is also the day that I’ve knocked out most of my products or written most of my blog posts for the week ahead. There’s a little more […]

Organize Your Way to the Top: 5 Keys from an Efficiency Queen

A question I get all the time from clients or those who know me well is, “How do you do it all?” I wasn’t born with some amazing ability to multi-task or be crazy efficient. It’s something I worked really hard at. Now, sure, it comes very easily which is why my first reaction to […]

How to Get an Extra Hour Out of Your Day

How can you get an extra hour out of each day? This is a basic challenge for all of us. I’ve discussed this challenge with action- and results-oriented people I know. Together, we’ve come up with many practical ways to secure one more precious hour each day. (Remember that each of these tips is probably […]