How Can the Little Guys Ever Get Noticed?

Do you look at these online giants and ever get defeated wondering how your business will ever be seen?

How can you possibly be one of those giants someday when the competition is so incredibly steep and people are so overwhelmed with information… how do you stand a fighting chance?

Sometimes it may seem easier to give up or change directions than to keep pursuing the great idea you have.

I get it.

Of course I’ve had those thoughts over the years (albeit I’ll say they weren’t thoughts I regularly allowed).

But you know what? If you feel defeated then it is your greatest moment […]

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Build Your Online Business: The 5-Pillar Strategy for 6-Figure Success

Everyone needs an online platform. This is your sphere of influence online based on all of your touchpoints – your website, Facebook, networking, etc.

It’s challenging to build a business online and cut through the noise of hundreds of millions of websites online and be heard. You must have a strategy and a focused action plan to reach a global audience that resonates with your message and wants to follow you long-term.

Today I am going to share 5 focus areas that I encourage you to always pay attention to so you can build your business toward 6-figure success. Your success […]

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14 Online Product Ideas You Can Create Cheaply to Make Money Online

If you want a prayer of a chance to stand out online and generate a healthy income in the process you can’t deny the power of product development.

I work 1-1 with authors, speakers, coaches and entrepreneurs to help them with a product development and launch plan. Without a strategic action plan in place you are just throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping it sticks.

In today’s post I’m going to share some ideas with you that will help you brainstorm which products you could create cheaply and quickly online. The best next step is to contact me so we […]

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