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Redefining the Power of Authenticity on Social Media

I just got another one. I was on a call with a client who said, “Amber, I hate social media… I don’t want to be an influencer… Do I have to make videos?” Yes. 🙂 But, this doesn’t have to be so painful. I promise! Beyond the Glam and Filters on Social Media We don’t […]

What’s Your Specialty?

Recently, a prospective client asked me what NGNG’s specialty is. That question hit my passion button! Lol I wanted to share my reply with you because, in this market, it’s really important you’ve taken time to deeply consider what differentiates you from anyone else in your industry. By looking at some of my specificity, perhaps […]

3 Questions to Better Understand Your Brand Identity

It’s no secret that even exciting, positive changes can feel overwhelming and stressful. We’re in a season of change here at NGNG, yet I’m feeling grounded, grateful, and focus-forward. How? Great question. 🙂 The BEST way to avoid feeling lost when things are in flux is by already having a strong understanding of your brand […]

How to Confidently Write in Your Own Voice | 4-min Fast Track Video Ep #45

Do you write in your own voice with confidence? If you’re like a lot of entrepreneurs out there, you might not completely trust that using your true voice is what’s best for your brand. You might feel a little insecure about whether your message and delivery are what they should be. This is completely normal! […]

A Secret Weapon to Attract More Clients

People want to do business with you because you help them get what they want. They don’t do business with you to help you get what you want. (Dan Crowther said that, and those words have a lot of truth!) It certainly wouldn’t be your fault to blur the lines between what you want (and […]

Overcome the Fears of Public Speaking + Speech Writing Tips

Public speaking is one of the most feared things on the planet. You probably knew this because maybe you’ve experienced the same jitters (or death-gripping fear) on a stage or in front of an audience before. If you are in an industry that doesn’t require some form of public speaking then maybe you can apply […]

3 Ways to Create an Unbreakable Connection with Your Clients

Do you sometimes feel like you’re on a hamster wheel in your business, always searching for new clients? Be honest… do you ever feel like your message or product/service falls flat and not connecting with your prospects in a way that gets them inspired to buy? In order to build a loyal, long-term following and […]

Sexy Marketing Titles vs. Titles that Feel More Natural & Offer More Truth

You want your product to pique everyone’s interest and you want it to sell, right? So many entrepreneurs think it’s all about coming up with that snap-crackle-pop title. Yet, we are also so over-stimulated by the sizzle that we can’t tell which products are actually good! Oy. If you have a teleseminar, product, or service that you’re delaying […]

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