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3 Ways to Create an Unbreakable Connection with Your Clients

Do you sometimes feel like you’re on a hamster wheel in your business, always searching for new clients?

Be honest… do you ever feel like your message or product/service falls flat and not connecting with your prospects in a way that gets them inspired to buy?

In order to build a loyal, long-term following and make consistent sales as an entrepreneur, you must create an unbreakable connection with your prospects and clients. Today I will show you how in 3 specific ways:

  1. Clearly identify your why.

    If you are not clear on exactly WHY you do what you do, then how can you expect anyone else to understand why they need what you offer? I encourage you to meditate on a Saturday morning or drink a glass of wine in the evening if that’s your thing – just do whatever you can to relax into your true self.

    Next, start dreaming about your business and its potential. Recall the moment you got the idea for this business and how certain things happened that led you to this moment now. Feel gratitude for all you have become and all that you’re about to give of yourself in support of others.

    When you achieve that ultimate state of gratitude and excitement, turn on your camera and record your “why.” You do not ever have to show this video to anyone, so there’s no need to fix your hair or put on makeup… In fact, the more “raw” you are, the more effective of an exercise this will be.

    There is also no time limit. Remove any barrier to you completing this exercise and just talk from your heart into the camera. Complete this sentence: “The reason I am willing to invest so much time, money, and energy into this business is because….” Get as specific as you can in your vision. The longer the video the better.

    From here you will find yourself purging in a way you were never able to in a branding meeting with an expert. You’ll find that you’ll identify with your perfect target audience and avatar in a more meaningful way than ever before. You’ll discover a deeper connection with yourself and others which will translate into more clear and effective marketing content. The answers are always within.

  1. Make a conscious choice to give up perfection.

    We strive to make our product titles sound sexy. We don’t complete projects because they’re not perfect. We have a tendency to not put ourselves out there and be fully, authentically ourselves. Why? Because we fear rejection, sounding stupid, making a mistake, getting blindsided, etc.

    This has got to stop.

    You will grow your audience and sales ten times faster and more easily if you just make a conscious choice to be fully, authentically you. If you try to be sexier or smarter or perfect, you’re actually creating a disconnect with your audience and it absolutely hurts your results. Trust yourself. Trust your gifts.

  2. Give your audience what they truly need.

    Did you know that most entrepreneurs create products and services based on what they “think” their audience needs instead of what they “know” their audience wants?

    We waste so much energy guessing what people want. No matter what stage your business is in, always, always ask your audience what they want first.

    For example, I sent out a series of surveys to my audience in the past six months. I asked about their fears, their burning questions, what they ultimately needed support with, etc. I studied the answers and found patterns develop. Then I stopped ALL of my business plans and switched gears based on what I knew people wanted.

    What they wanted was for me to create a video library of every strategy and how-to regarding building a successful business online. This involved strategy about email marketing, video, podcasting, hiring a team, building a website and so much more. Each video offers the exact steps on how to get real results. Then I made videos on how to execute each strategy from webinars, to social media, to product launches.

    This program took a tremendous amount of time and energy. I got the site ready for launch within two months and I’ve been selling memberships like crazy! I called it the and we will have ongoing monthly webinars where people can find out my top 9 suggested focus areas for building your business online, I have an open Q&A and I also take participants on a tour of the Academy.

    I may have never created this if it weren’t for my audience telling me it was exactly what they wanted (and me taking the time to ask). They reward me for listening and giving value to them by staying loyal, buying, connecting with me, and sharing my content. This is what’s possible when you explore ways to give your audience what they want while always focusing on creating a strong connection.

What idea calls out to you the most? Which one do you want to start doing? Leave me a comment and let me know. I’m also happy to answer any questions or offer more support.

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