How to Get Copyright Protection on Your Blog or Website

I have pooled some resources for you to look at for copyright protection on your blog or website. This is something you would be considered crazy to "put off". Fast...

Do You Feel Frozen In This Economy? 5 Tips to Get Energy & Take Action Again

I see it happening everywhere. Entrepreneurs know what they need to do, they get inspired, but when it comes to taking that action... they freeze. This got me inspired to...

What is a Backlink and How to Get Lots of Them!

A backlink is basically a link to your website from another website (an inbound link). Backlinks are key to good Search Engine Optimization (SEO)! The more links you have pointing...

21 Tips to Improve Your Blog Website Results

Below you will find 21 tips to improve the results for your blog website. Blog-Site Setup Tips: Do not type your email address into a page and expose it for...

A Few Top SEO, Social Media, Copywriting, Design and Internet Marketing Resources I Use

Enjoy some of my very top resources below and enjoy all that you learn from them... The Power of Social Media An incredible video on the powers of social media...

Thank You for the Kind Words Sheri!

The following was sent to me from an AWESOME client in New Zealand. Marty and I help authors, speakers and business owners with Product Creation. We can Skype with long-distance...

My Skills For Life Interview with Corporate at Vector Marketing

Check it out! Vector Marketing was a multi-million dollar company I worked with for 5 years, starting in college at the University of Arizona. The corporate office contacted me last...

How to Add Google AdSense Ads to Your Website or Blog

One way to make some extra side revenue for your website or blog is to add Google Ads in the pages ad/or posts of your website. This program showcases ads...

A $300 Million Dollar Idea to Make Money Online

You gotta love Google. The other day, the question came to my mind, "Who owns all the domain names?" If I want to start a new site, I think of...

“I Ran Out of Things to Write About on My Blog!”

Sound familiar? Today I have 3 quick tips to get you back on your feet and writing again. This is a common thought among bloggers and writers who have had...

2 Fabulous Resources: SEO Guide and Email Marketing Guide

If you have a website online, you probably know how difficult it is to get your webpages ranked well on Google, or how to get more visitation, or how to...

Privacy Issues? Facebook to Allow 3rd Party Sites to “Personalize” Your Experience

Where is Facebook headed? At their third annual f8 conference held in San Francisco last week, decisions were made to automatically opt-in users to a 3rd party personalized experience. As...

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