5 Tips to Setting Reasonable Deadlines

Warning: This message will punch some of you in the face (…in a loving and supportive way, lol).

If you ever wonder where the content for these blog posts comes from, it’s my many weekly coaching calls, plus social media groups. I pick up on patterns of challenges, and this week’s resounding challenge is the pain and suffering that comes from self-imposed deadlines!

Seriously. SO many people are putting very intense deadlines on tasks, projects, launches… and it can have a crippling effect if not managed properly.

I felt compelled to share a few tips and insights to set deadlines in a reasonable and effective way that creates a culture of success:


  • Plan in buffer time for the unknown — This is may be the biggest area for improvement. Life is complex and ever-changing. Plan time to be flexible for the events that pop up without warning.
  • No one knows your expectations — This is a close second to pay attention to. You may have this grand idea of how your launch or project will be executed. But if you don’t get a chance to create that extra bonus, or if you need to set a delivery date for one week later, NO ONE will know the difference but you. Take comfort in that. Be flexible.
  • It doesn’t have to be perfect — Perfection is a killer of dreams and goals. (Oh, and perfection doesn’t exist… *glass shatters.*)  Learn in 4 minutes how the perfectionist mindset is holding YOU back, and what you can do to overcome this common obstacle.
  • Give yourself a break — I’m not suggesting you need to turn into a slacker. I believe taking action is THE key to success. But, if you’re burning the candle at both ends, you have my permission to ease up a bit, take an afternoon off, spoil yourself a little, and know that work will always be here waiting for you. No need to always be in the cycle of rush, rush, rush.
  • Be super careful of this trap: comparison — We tend to put unreasonable expectations on ourselves naturally due to the ever-increasing pace of society brought on by the digital age, BUT, comparison plays a HUGE role in our dissatisfaction. We see “everyone” launching new programs “so quickly and effectively.” But remember, the grass is NOT greener on the other side.


Which of the 5 insights above was one you needed to hear today?

Comment below and let me know. I’d love to hear from you. 🙂

With gratitude for all you do to better yourself and others.

Amber Vilhauer

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