5 Tips to Setting Reasonable Deadlines

Warning: This message will punch some of you in the face (…in a loving and supportive way, lol).

If you ever wonder where the content for these blog posts comes from, it’s my many weekly coaching calls, plus social media groups. I pick up on patterns of challenges, and this week’s resounding challenge is the pain and suffering that comes from self-imposed deadlines!

Seriously. SO many people are putting very intense deadlines on tasks, projects, launches… and it can have a crippling effect if not managed properly.

I felt compelled to share a few tips and insights to set deadlines in a reasonable and […]

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How the Perfection Mindset is Holding You Back| 4-min Fast Track Video Ep #18

Are you spending your valuable time chasing perfection?  If you find a way to “catch” it, let me know….lol!  We all want to be as near perfect as possible, right?  Nothing wrong with wanting to be our absolute best.  But we have to consider the amount of time we spend trying to obtain the unobtainable.

Here’s what I mean….

Pretend you’re preparing to launch your website.  You’re dying to get this out to the world, but you don’t want anyone to see it until it’s perfect.  You want your wording just right.  You want the images you use to be perfect.  You want […]

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