The Biggest Launch Mistakes You Want to Avoid

Someone recently asked me a great question about book launch mistakes that authors need to avoid, and I want to share my answer because I think you might find it valuable:

Q: “Those of you who have written and published a book, what’s the biggest mistake you’ve made along the way?”

A: “For sure the biggest mistake I see authors make is they don’t start marketing 8-14 months out. Most start maybe 3-6 months. Also, most don’t ‘go all out’ with their effort and tend to play smaller than they could (for a variety of reasons). And, most don’t have a STRONG monetization strategy following the launch (both with the book and in other products/services).

Ideally, during the 8-14 month period leading up to the launch, an author would be strictly focused on:

1. Making the book great.

2. Getting a STRONG cover design.

3. Adding stories in the book that give nods to your influencers (support your relationships) and offer regular resources to channel your success long-term.

4. RELATIONSHIPS. One of the biggest ways I support authors is in nurturing and maximizing their network opportunities to create win-wins. Most people don’t properly nurture relationships so don’t get the level of support they really need at launch.

5. SPEAKING (on and off stages). More podcasting, a LOT more video (both pre-recorded weekly videos for YouTube 8 months+ out AND especially live streaming), etc.

6. Hiring someone who is hyper-organized, very strategic and creative, great with people and experienced in the author world who can manage all other tasks so that you can strictly be focused on the above.

If you dig in and get the right kind of help (a launch director), you can have a Master Launch Plan and well-built systems and procedures so subsequent launches are much easier and less costly.

Put a STRONG process in place for a book launch and you can build upon your past success quickly.

In addition to supporting authors, speakers and coaches with WordPress website development, and done-for-you marketing systems, I have the bandwidth to take on 5 book launch clients per year. It’s a significant undertaking and a high-end service that is built to completely organize a business and set up the author for long-term success/profit.

If you have any questions, please comment and let me know!


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