What to Add In Your Speaker Page on Your Website

So, you plan to become a speaker. Maybe you’ve written a book and you want to promote it. Maybe you have a message that people need to hear about. Either way, it is important to have a speaker page to direct event planners, friends & family and contacts to.

This page can have many elements that will really serve to “sell you” to the events or organizations you are targeting. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Include VIDEO!! An event planner wants to see a 10-minute, uncut speaking clip of you on stage. As you book events make sure you find a way to record each event. Then pick the best 10 minutes and feature the clip on your website. I would definitely advise uploading all videos into YouTube so you get additional exposure from that traffic source.You can also consider offering a longer version of your speech, available for meeting planners upon request (you would then mail them a copy of a DVD and include contact information).Last, it’s important – over time – to accumulate enough video to add a “Speaking Clips” page to your website. This includes multiple snippets (3-7min) of your various speeches. Also build out your YouTube page. (Click here for my YouTube page) When displaying video for event planners and your website visitors to see, it’s important to do some prep work to make sure your videos display you in the best light. Meaning, I would suggest adding video where you are speaking in front of your preferred audience size (300 people or 30 people) to show people what type of gig you ultimately want. Consider selecting snippets where you get the audience to laugh or show how engaged they are. These videos are your “showing off” pieces.
  • Have a calendar of upcoming events. Do not add a calendar if you only have two upcoming events or it can be highly unimpressive. If you have a few events, it’s better to create a single page where to add the title, description, dates, etc of each event. It’ll fill out the page more and also showcase you are actively speaking.
  • A list of topics that you are able to speak on (or title of speeches you plan to give). Then you want to be thorough and mouth-watering in your description behind each topic. This is one of your stronger selling strategies to book more gigs.
  • Showcase any/all testimonials from previous speeches you gave (an audience member maybe, or the meeting planner who said you were great/easy to work with, etc.). This is a strong selling strategy as well!
  • Pictures or Video of you on stage or in front of an audience giving a talk (really show them visually what it would be like to hire you or have you speak for their audience). Anytime you can show proof you are on stages, you’re rocking in, people are engaged, etc it’ll just increase your chances of getting hired.
  • You should have a Media page created and ready to go. This should include multiple professional photographs (include one black and white) and at least two bios of different lengths.
  • Add a short paragraph (maybe 4-5 sentences) on how you love speaking, it’s your purpose, or what you love about speaking, etc. Your passion should really shine through.
  • Have a downloadable speaker one-sheet that has the same information above, but listed on one sheet that event planners can print off (don’t forget contact information!). Don’t know what a speaker one sheet is or what to include? Click here for Google images. Our team also designs these for speakers so be sure to contact us for our rates and examples.

That should help get you started. Here are some supporting examples:

Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t have all of these pieces in order. It’s meant to evolve over time. For now, just get started with what you have but now you at least know how to build your online speaking presence.

Do you already have a speaker page? Or have ideas that I have missed? Do tell… Send me a comment and let’s build this list!

What a great article Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer!!! Although you have coached me in this area, your article keeps me inspired. I want to give a personal testimony to Amber. She has the ability to effect so much value-packed-change into a single magic moment. She is an amazing person and blessed to work with her!!!”
– Steve Wofford Author, Speaker & Coach

Wow…great stuff! Taking notes and looking forward to future collaborations.”
– Brandon Sanchez Segura Entrepreneurial Visionary

3 thoughts on “What to Add In Your Speaker Page on Your Website

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  2. Chandra

    I have a speaker website that’s designed by the website company. I don’t have access to change, correct or add content. I tell them what I want, and give the simplest vision, but 99 percent of the time it’s wrong. My site is full and fail to “pop” like I want. How can you help my company build a better site.

    1. Amber Vilhauer, Online Marketing & Sales Business Coach

      I am looking at your website now Chandra and will gladly email you some ideas and a thoughtful response this afternoon once I end my scheduled calls! Thank you for reaching out! xoxo – Amber

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