Equine Therapy Business Seeks Help with WordPress Website Development

Can working with animals, specifically horses, help children, teens, and adults achieve greater confidence and self-esteem in a therapeutic setting? Because horses accept you as you are, without judgment, the answer is, “Yes!”

Known as Equine Assisted Counseling and Equine Assisted Coaching, human beings are able to make positive connections with horses that leads them to do the same with other people – despite fear and trust issues that may have existed prior to this unique yet powerful therapy.

Looking for a way to bring this powerful message to others, founder and Executive Director of Unbridled Change, Michelle Holling-Brooks approached Amber and her team. She wanted us to help her replace her old, underperforming website with a new site that was user-friendly, would convert better, and would offer greater opportunities for increased monetization.

New Approach Needed for Increased Conversions & Monetization



Beginning with improved imagery and the use of new videos, the new website at www.UnbridledChange.org does a far better job featuring the people and horses who make the difference in the lives of their clients.

Because the message is so powerful, that horses are sentient beings with the ability to choose to be in a relationship with us – or not – based on how we treat them, it quickly became obvious that website must focus on building relationships. Whether with the animals or with people, positive influences are featured as the building blocks of hope and change.

New Imagery and Video Focuses on Positive Relationships


business-brandingThe website places increased emphasis on the counseling and coaching programs featured at Unbridled Change:

  • Unbridled Hope – for children and teens
  • Unbridled Healing – for young adults, adults, and families
  • Unbridled Growth – for adults looking to reach the next level of living more fully

As a marketing strategy, doing this offers increased opportunities for conversion and monetization, along with a new emphasis on email list building, a future membership site, and a new funnel campaign.

Stressing the Benefits of Equine Counseling and Coaching Offers Potential for Monetization




Behind the Scenes Support and SEO Services

All of our WordPress Website Design packages include website SEO upon launch. This includes organic SEO work for primary pages and posts. Doing this enables Michelle (and other clients) to more accurately reach her target audience.

The highly personal look of the website we designed for her is a good match for the unique therapeutic message Michelle offers to young people and families.

The NGNG Team were hired specifically for:

Meet Michelle Holling-Brooks, Founder and Executive Director of Unbridled Change

Michelle Holling-Brooks is the Founder and Executive Director of Unbridled Change, offering a unique approach to individual and family therapy through Equine Assisted Counseling and Coaching. She has been in the field of Equine Assisted Therapies as a certified professional since 2000, and a lifelong equestrian from a young age.

After a life-threatening illness in her early teens, Michelle was left forever changed. The trauma to her brain ripped away control of her body, destroyed her sense of self, and left her retreating from life. Suddenly unable to trust humans, she was able to trust a horse. Horses gave her a safe place to discover all the pieces of Self – body, mind, and spirit – which she had lost. Through the support of these loving animals, she was willing to embark on the journey of self-healing and transformation that enabled her to once again live a full and happy life.

Since then, Michelle has been dedicated to creating supportive environments for all beings to find their path to connect to their true self – humans and horses. She holds certifications and has trained in a number of organizations in the field, including: EAGALA, PATH, and Natural Lifemanship. She also holds certifications in Mindfulness and Life Coaching, is a Reiki Master, and studies/training in Trauma, PST, and attachment work.

Founding Unbridled Change has allowed Michelle the chance to serve her life’s purpose of supporting others in finding their true, authentic self! Click here to visit www.UnbridledChange.org.

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