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My Top 5 Video Recording Tips for You

Is your video camera collecting a little mountain of dust because you fear every little detail needs to be perfect before you can record that MUCH-needed video that haunts your daily to-do list?

Let’s Be Honest with Ourselves…

You know video is important. You know you want to get your message out to more people and make more sales. Yet something stops you every time you consider recording video. Yes, it’s your Inner Critic.

But fear not because I hope to impart some wisdom onto you today that will allow you to cross this bridge and move forward with your online marketing.

Top Video Creation Truths

Your video does not have to be perfect. Read that again. Your video does not have to be perfect.

I’d much rather you take stronger action and knock out a handful of video tips for YouTube than agonize to make the perfect single video.

Too many people are delaying their success and income because they have developed this misconception about perfection.

The difference between really successful people and those who just want to be successful can be measured clearly by the amount of action they take.

Notice she didn’t say anything about the difference being perfection?

My Top 5 Video Recording Tips for You

  • Your lighting needs to rock. This is a biggie. When I set up my camera and backdrop to record a video, I record a 3-second clip of myself on camera and then play it back to make sure the lighting is clear and bright. You want your video to look natural, and ditch that yellow overlay that makes your video look homemade.
  • Your sound needs to be on point. This is also a biggie. When you do your test above, say something to the camera and test your audio. I always make sure to project my voice, speak loudly and enunciate. If you sound like you’re in a tunnel or there isn’t depth in your voice, it’s time to look into a lavalier microphone, etc.
  • Don’t read your script. Ughh, this drives me nuts. When I am watching a video and I can clearly see your eyes moving to read a script, I stop listening to you… So all that time you’ve spent carefully crafting your message was for nothing. I follow your eyes moving back and forth and notice your movements more than your words. My suggestion is to ALWAYS speak from the heart and mind. No one knows your message better than you, so even if you miss a point I won’t have a clue as the listener. I want to see your authenticity come across. Then I won’t notice if you trip on your words once or if you have a small strand of hair out of place. I focus on your energy and message. That’s how you sell.
  • Tell people what to do next. Don’t ever end a video without telling the listener what to do next. Not only will that feel like an awkward ending, but then no one will take action with you (which is the point of doing the video in the first place). You can invite the listener to comment on the video content, or tell their network about the video through social media, or go to your site and opt-in for more juicy tips, etc. Give them one, clear, focused next action step and your results will be increased for sure.
  • Create the video for one person only. If you have video jitters it’s because you’re thinking about the potential of millions of people seeing your video. That’s enough to freak anyone out! When I record a video I imagine in my mind I am only recording this video for ONE person. Picture your mom or favorite client or best friend if you need to – whatever works for you. It’s best practice to find ways to reduce your overwhelm and take stronger action. This is a great way to have a solid video, stay conversational, and let your best self shine through.

Now, the million dollar question is, who is going to take this message to heart and get over their fears to record a video THIS WEEK?

I Practice what I Preach

I just recorded a quick video this morning before I started the day because I knew once I got into my day, I’d get busy and make excuses. I find the times when I’m most focused and have a small pocket of time to take massive action and get results.

One last thought to leave you with. If you are a coach, you must practice what you preach too. If you can’t do things for yourself, do them for your clients who are looking up to you and expecting you to lead the way.

Amber, your encouragement to use video and not worry about it being perfect gave me the nudge I needed to Just Do It! While I don’t have a huge following yet, I do have viewers and it’s already having an impact on my website visits. Thanks!”
– Wendy Nolin Author, Executive Coach

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