Joint Venture Management Service Seeks WordPress Website Developer for Podcast Site

Bob Serling has a revolutionary idea for developing, funding, and marketing products: collaboration. Since he believes strongly that success comes through relationships, he also believes in joint ventures. Further, he’s convinced that the best way to get his message across in our fast-paced world is in 15-minute bites of high-value information – thus, the idea for his 15-Minute Email Academy website.

With a referral from Pete Vargas of Advance Your Reach, Bob got in touch with Amber for help putting together a simple podcast website. Because his message is simple, he wanted his website to reflect that.

A Simple Podcast Website is the Perfect Tool for Bob’s Message


Bob’s message of collaboration through joint ventures is a simplified way for online marketers to increase sales and grow their lists by enabling them to bring their customers more of the products and services that help them achieve their goals. As a joint venture management service, the client must be educated as well as initiated into what is possible. The 15-minute podcast is a great format for doing this.

To help reinforce this message, the NGNG Team developed custom graphics for Bob, as well as integrating his Aweber list building and email system. We then set up his initial podcast episodes, which focus on productive email marketing techniques, and trained him on how to use the website and post podcasts on his own, moving forward.

Education is Key to Selling Joint Venture Management Services





Behind the Scenes Support and SEO Services

By offering website SEO along with our custom website design and branding services, Bob will be able to more accurately reach his target audience. Though simple and tighty focused, the podcasts are optimized website content and the message is being sent that Bob offers an approach to joint venture management that is uniquely effective.

We were hired specifically for:

Meet Bob Serling, Joint Venture Management

Bob Serling specializes in Joint Venture Management, the bringing together of two or more business entities for the purpose of a specific project or other business activity. His goal is to create a new method to drive traffic that will work well now, and just as well 15 years from now. his current business plan is to “Put it through its paces with the best traffic experts I know of”.

His approach to marketing, joint ventures, and product development is encompassed in this simple philosophy:

  • Tactics have a short shelf life
  • Strategies have a medium shelf life
  • Relationships and communities are the only things that are truly enduring

Bob believes in building partnerships, working with rather than dictating what others should do. He firmly believes that this form of collaboration is the best way to produce the results all partners really want.
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