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If you’re a website or online newbie, you are probably on “information overload” about the what to do and what not to do online. This blog is dedicated to teaching you the right way to do things to get the best results. Do check back regularly for new content, tips and resources, or even easier, stay connected with me through my eMailing list or on social networks!

how-to-write-web-contentToday’s “how to” is all about writing content for the web. Below I have several tips that will help keep your readers engaged in what you have to say:

General Tips for Writing on the Web:

  • Short paragraphs are best. When people look at big blocks of text they get overwhelmed and don’t want to read it.
  • Stay conversational! It’s great to write how you talk because people feel like they can connect with you, that you are authentic, and they will want to work with you as a result. Writing for the web is not about being a crazed perfectionist. The online world is a forgiving one so just write and get your message OUT!
  • It’s good to break up text by use of attention-grabbing headlines and sub-headlines.
  • Always think about where you’re leading the reader – Just like in writing a book or story. You want to keep them engaged and clicking from page to page in your site OR lead them to contact you. I always suggest coming up with a list of “Calls to Action.” I don’t suggest you do this as a page on your site so much as just make the list and when you write each page of content, make sure you add a call to action and lead people to sign-up for your mailing list, contact you, comment on your blog, order your product, connect with you on social media etc.
  • Image use is great! … as long as it is NOT clip art, distracting or pointless. If it helps sell the point, then it’s great! Plus, with the huge buzz going on right now with Pinterest, it could lead to more website visitors!
  • Testimonials are amazing and help people trust you. It’s wise to sprinkle these throughout the pages of your site, and also include them on one general testimonials page.
  • In blogging, it’s great to also lead people to other content within your content. This is less subtle than a call to action. So for example, notice how even in this blog post I am linking to other articles I’ve written to help educate you on a variety of topics. This is key to showing you that I know a lot about how to build and market your business online. If you feel this content is valuable then you’ll want to stick around by signing up for my emailing list or sharing this content on your social networking sites so you are looked at as more of an authority. See how it all works?
  • Write from your heart with the priority and intention to add value to people’s lives. This is KEY and what writing content is all about. I am writing this blog post because I genuinely want you to feel more comfortable about writing. Writing is key to getting your message out through your website, blog and social networks. The more that you write, the more that people will hear about you and the longer-lasting your message will be. Don’t stop writing.

So tell me, what was the tip that struck you the most? What content tips to you have that I didn’t mention? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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