Financial Marketing Consultant Seeks to Upgrade Website for Improved Branding & Targeting


Jai Darden (pronounced “Jay”) is a business marketing adviser, specializing in banks and credit unions. He has been on the NGNG mailing list for years, regularly receiving insights, updates, and knowledge of online marketing strategies and techniques from Amber. So, when it came time for him to upgrade his website – he knew there was just one place to go and sought the help of the NGNG team to develop his new WordPress website.

The ultimate goal for Jai, and the team, was to rebrand him as a way to better reach his target audience; expanding his services from financial institutions to helping other businesses and individuals discover how to produce great results. Doing this required that Jai not only share his knowledge and experience, but that we help him to present himself in a positive way – personalizing his message and the benefits of working with him.

Along with a custom header that features Jai and his message about relationships being the key to business success, a brand new, high-quality video on Jai’s Home Page is the perfect introduction to the man, the coach, and the consultant.

Personal Messaging Makes a Huge Difference for Coaches and Consultants



Jai’s message is consistent throughout his new website: that businesses must remember that revenue – and therefore profits – come directly from the relationships created with clients and customers.

This is also true for Jai, of course. And, after multiple strategy sessions with Amber, we developed a website and marketing plan that also focused on building relationships: using an email marketing plan and Active Campaign list building program, a new video-based opt-in offer, stressing his availability as a riveting keynote speaker, and by featuring his upcoming book, The Revenue is in the Relationship.

A Crisp, Clean, Professional Look Appeals to Those in the Financial Markets




We made sure to include testimonials scattered throughout Jai’s new website, matching each of his services and ensuring he had plenty of social proof to offer prospective clients. Linking his new website to social media was also a high priority for us.

Behind the Scenes Support and SEO Services

As with all of our WordPress Website Design packages, we included basic website SEO upon launching Jai’s new, upgraded website. This includes organic SEO work for primary pages and existing blog posts. Doing this enables him (and other clients) to more accurately reach their target audience.

The clean, crisp look of the website we designed for him is an excellent match for the personalized appeal of the message Jai has to offer potential financial institutions, other businesses, and individual coaching clients.

The NGNG Team were hired specifically for:

Meet Jai Darden, Business and Marketing Adviser, Personal Mastery Coach, Bestselling Author, Speaker

Jai Darden has spent the past decade showing businesses and organizations how to produce sustainable revenue by building long-lasting relationships with their customers and clients. He has become a welcomed and trusted adviser to many CEOs and Executives and frequents the board rooms of some of the most successful and influential companies in the country.

He has advised organizations with more than $2 billion in total assets, showing them ways to increase their revenue while growing their overall impact in the communities they serve.

“More importantly, I have a passion for helping anyone, especially aspiring to next-level leaders, with a dream and a desire to achieve more. My training and coaching empower people to change and achieve new levels of success in their lives.” – Jai Darden

Click here to learn more about Jai Darden.

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