How to Master Email Marketing | 4-min Fast Track Video Ep #37

Do you have a whole list of questions around your email marketing efforts?  If you do, you’re one of many!  My clients ask me about this topic all the time … and for good reason.

Email marketing is not a cut and dry area.  What works so well for one person might not produce any impressive results for another.

And there are so many choices!

Do you write about one topic or several topics per email?  Do you focus on nurturing your readers with valuable free content, or do you take the opportunity to sell?  Do you send simple text emails or get fancy […]

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Email Marketing Tips You’ll Love

When it comes to email marketing, I often get asked the following questions:

How often should I email my list?
How much is too much?
What should I say?

I hope to shed some light on this important aspect of your business by providing a handful of tips to follow when sending an email out to your subscriber list.

Quick tips:

Email your list as often as you promised you would.

You do want to be respectful of how many emails you’re sending. I’d say weekly is plenty, but if you’re in a product launch, you can email your list a few times that week.

You should give […]

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Choosing Your Ideal Email Marketing System| 4-min Fast Track Video Ep #25

Are you struggling with trying to decide which email marketing system to implement for your business?  If you are, you’re part of a BIG club!  😉

With so many systems to consider (Constant Contact, iContact, Aweber, MailChimp and InfusionSoft to name just a few!), it’s no wonder you’re at a stand still.

But help is on the way in this latest 4-min Fast Track video.

I’ve worked with so many of these systems over the years, and I want to help make your decision easier.  I share the biggest differences between them, what works best for different business set ups and the downfalls and […]

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An Email Marketing Approach You May Want to Avoid

I have a great tip to share with you today that you can keep in your back pocket.

I recently got an email blast from someone, and a classic mistake was made in the opening line.

“Hello there! I know it’s been many months since you’ve heard from me, but 2015 was quite a year!…”

Can you identify what she should have done differently?

You may be thinking, “She didn’t add your first name and kept it generalized?”  Yes, you DO want to add the person’s first name in your opening.  This makes people feel like you’re emailing them personally.  However, in this case, […]

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Content Creation for Coaches – Building Personal Connections

A client recently asked me about her content marketing strategy, wondering what she should include in her blog posts and newsletters. She also wanted to understand more clearly what the difference is between the two. Now, she’s a coach who deals with women’s leadership issues who would like to sell more of her workshops. (Wouldn’t we all!)

Regardless of your niche, the most important suggestion I can give you it this – when you create content for your audience, you must offer VALUE. Here’s what I mean…

Blogging for coaches

The best way to think about your blog is that it is a […]

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6 Reasons Why You Want to Scrub Your Email List and Remove Dead Weight Subscribers

You work so darn hard to get people to optin to your email list so you have a big list of email subscribers, but what if you have a crummy open rate? What if you have a lot of emails that aren’t being delivered to your subscribers?

….What if you’re emailing people that don’t even open your emails, and haven’t for more than 10 of your last email campaigns?

It’s a deafening silence in your business.

You wonder if it’s something you’re doing wrong, and anxiety can even set in.

The Solution

Scrub your email list. What’s that? It means get rid of the […]

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5 Key Ideas to Get Better Results with Your Email Marketing

You probably know that if you don’t email your email subscribers on a regular basis they’ll lose interest quickly and your efforts will be for nothing. (Read: Q&A: How Do I Get Email Subscribers and How Often Should I Send Emails?)

Even if you are good about scheduling emails to go out to your list, you may not be putting in the effort required to actually get results with your email marketing.


Results you should be expecting include:

Clicks back to your website (getting people to your website often […]

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4 Keys to Increase Email Marketing Success

Do you ever feel a lack of confidence when you send emails to your list?

You’re not sure what to write about, if anyone cares about your content and how to increase your engagement… or you’re clueless about when to send your emails, how often and how to format your email for best results… sound familiar?

I know there is a lot of confusion amongst authors, speakers and coaches about best email practices so that’s why today I recorded a 30-minute video training to help clear that fog. Check it out:

Today, Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer shares a 30-min video training webcast teaching […]

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5 Tools to Make Your Life Easier Online

Do you feel overwhelmed with everything you want to get done online? From social media, to blogging, to email, I know sometimes it feels like too much to handle. I am constantly searching for great tools I can implement to make my life easier online. Today, I hope you’ll jump on board to improve your efficiency and dump those online blues!

Tool #1: Boomerang for Gmail

I LOVE this email tool! Boomerang allows you to schedule email replies for a future date and time. It also allows you to keep your Inbox manageable by scheduling an email to disappear […]

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