Silent Auction Update: Thank you to everyone who participated! We are thrilled to announce that we raised $11,510, enabling Clay and Amber to distribute over 750 books to children in hospitals this winter.

How I Approach Team Conflict

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has experienced a time when a star team member’s performance suddenly shifted. Team to me can mean employees, but also the not-obvious like contractors, vendors, and freelancers.  Maybe they’d started missing deadlines, or slipping on their communication, or just not bringing the same energy into the work…In […]

Putting Myself Out There (You Too!)

Have you ever looked at someone you admire in your industry and thought: “If I do things just like them, then I’ll be successful”? I observe this idea popping up all the time…and it couldn’t be farther from the truth. I’m sure that person’s website is awesome, their content rocks, they have great products and […]

Using Your Voice of Influence

This morning, I invite you to reflect on a SUPER important question that’s been on my mind lately: Are you consciously aware of how much influence you have at any given moment…and are you using that influence for good? I observe that most people severely underestimate the influence they have. The thing is, we have […]

How to Free Up 20 Hours of Your Time Per Week

Have you ever finished writing a blog post or newsletter, only to immediately dive right into the next marketing task on your list…and then another…and another…until half of the day (or more, yikes!) had slipped away? I know just how draining being stuck on that hamster wheel is, because around 8 years ago, I had […]

Setting ‘Effective’ Goals is Easier Than You Think

Tell me if this sounds familiar: Just before the new year, you’re SO excited for a fresh start. You make resolutions that you swear you’ll stick to. You promise yourself that this year will be different. Then the new year rolls around and in no time at all (I’m talking before January ends!) your motivation […]

Selling vs. Serving

‘Tis the season for giving, which also means seeing an avalanche of promotions, deals, and offers. This got me thinking… If we’re so used to receiving these offers, why is it that so many members of our community feel guilty and uncomfortable asking people to buy their book (or product or service)? From my observation, […]

How the Right Book Cover Design Can Catapult Your Success

Let’s face it…we all judge books by their covers. Your cover design IS what sells your book. If a cover strikes us as generic, cookie-cutter, bland, unprofessional, or low-quality overall, we’re not going to pick up that book and learn more.  Seriously…it doesn’t matter how great that book is – if the cover design is […]

Interrupting the Procrastination Cycle

Sometimes, even though we know we need to do something, there’s this resistance inside us, and we just can’t bring ourselves to do it. A day goes by, and then another, and then a week or two or a month…and as time passes, we start to feel bad about ourselves and go down a bit of […]

What’s Your Specialty?

Recently, a prospective client asked me what NGNG’s specialty is. That question hit my passion button! Lol I wanted to share my reply with you because, in this market, it’s really important you’ve taken time to deeply consider what differentiates you from anyone else in your industry. By looking at some of my specificity, perhaps […]

3 Questions to Better Understand Your Brand Identity

It’s no secret that even exciting, positive changes can feel overwhelming and stressful. We’re in a season of change here at NGNG, yet I’m feeling grounded, grateful, and focus-forward. How? Great question. 🙂 The BEST way to avoid feeling lost when things are in flux is by already having a strong understanding of your brand […]

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