Affiliate Marketing Basics – How to Promote Your Affiliate’s Programs

Now that you’ve decided to Make Extra Income through Affiliate Programs, it’s time to talk about marketing them to ensure that you actually do create a new income stream from the commissions you hope to receive.

Create a Launch Plan

…just as your affiliate developed a plan to launch their product or service to create a return on their investment. Now that you’ve become invested in their product or service, you too should create a plan to launch it to your visitors and list.

  • Blog Post – explain why you love this product or service so much. Especially if you use it yourself, explain how it helps people reach their goals; how it improves lives, both business and personal; how it makes doing business easier; how it boosts traffic, or conversions, or profits, and more. Let your readers know how much you admire the founder, and why. Give them a sense of how committed you are to helping them by providing them with the opportunity to use this product or service. Include links to your affiliate’s sales page and/or promotional video, and of course their sign-up page.
  • Social Media Updates – link back to your blog post and/or website through your Facebook posts and Tweets, even as you continue to use these platform to explain your commitment to the product or service, and how strongly you believe in it.
  • Targeted Email Campaign – especially critical to the success of an Affiliate Event, say a special training course or webinar for example, an email campaign directed at those on your list that you feel can benefit the most from that event is a great way to boost interest and increase conversions for your affiliate. Pick people on your list that you know can benefit from participating and send them an email announcing the event, along with a follow-up reminder.
  • Stress the Value – and forget about the fact that you’re going to “make money” on your affiliation. As always, the best way to boost your income is to offer value, so keep the focus on how your tribe will benefit from the product, service, or event you’re promoting, and let the new income stream take care of itself.

NOTE: Make sure to include a disclaimer with any affiliation that you promote, letting your audience know that you will earn a commission for any sale made by linking to them from your website. Not only is this the ethical way to do business, it’s also required by law.

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