Business Branding Exercise: Is Your Message Clear to Your Audience?

Is your business branded properly? What is the most important thing you want others to know? Why are you here? What do you have a burning desire to share? Your answer to those questions will become your “key message” – one that you repeat over and over again in conversations, content and product creation. It should be easy to say and remember. Your key message should be used consistently in news releases, blog posts, social media, products and other communications.

The bummer is that most business owners THINK they have a clear message. They think all they need is “more web traffic” and everyone will buy from them. If you are not getting the sales you want, you may want to revisit your message. It could be confusing or not worded correctly, which creates a lack of interest and no one buys.

When developing/refining your message, think first about your audience. What do you want them to think? Feel? Do? Feelings are what motivate people to act. That feeling may be compassion, concern, anger or joy. One of your goals in delivering your message should be to spark a feeling, whether it’s pride, frustration or outrage.

It’s smart to come up with three talking points, stories and examples that support your key message. These may change based on the needs and interests of your audience.

Take out a sheet of paper and go through the following exercise I have developed for you (free hand suggested, not on computer). It is extremely important you follow the sequence! Start by answering question #1 to the best of your ability, then move on to #2.

  • What is your overall passion?
  • What are your objectives? What do you want to have happen in your company?
  • What products or services do you offer, do you want to develop?
  • Who is your audience?
  • Develop a mission statement (refine and rewrite until it is crystal clear).
  • Why are you committed to this mission? How will you show your commitment?
  • Why is this mission important to your audience?
  • Use the above information to create an elevator pitch (a few sentences to explain your company and passion to a prospect in 30 seconds or less!). Refine and edit until you have it down pat and feel 100% confident in your pitch.
  • List three supporting points/benefits for your elevator pitch.
  • List three examples/stories/facts that support this pitch (good to have this in your back pocket for when the prospect asks you for more information).
  • Use your elevator pitch as a foundation to write a 15 word or less power statement. Explain your company vision and services in 15 words or less. (This is a great sentence to use in your social network bio section which usually allows for 140 characters or less.)
  • Finally, use your power statement to develop a new branding tagline which needs to be 5 words or less ideally, no more than 7 words.

If you follow this sequence (and all instructions above) you will feel more empowered than you ever have about the direction of your business. You will have renewed energy and confidence to become the industry authority and expert in your niche. I would suggest you not take another step in your company unless it’s this one. Everything stems from your message and branding tagline.

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