A Special Announcement …

I have a special announcement for you today, and I’m sooo excited to share it!

If you’re connected with me on Facebook, this might be old news for you.  But I’m hoping we can still celebrate together!

6 years ago this October I met my husband, Jason, at a pumpkin carving contest party (our original pumpkins from that night are in the photo below!).  Also this year, on October 11, we will have a new pumpkin to start carving each year.



That’s right! I’m already 14 weeks along with a *very* strong and healthy baby inside. We’ve passed all of our first trimester tests and are so grateful.

Things you may be curious about:

  • We don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl, but will in May.
  • We would be so happy and blessed with either a boy or girl.
  • We have great names picked out either way (but won’t share until baby’s birth day)!
  • I’ve had virtually NO nausea or sickness.  I feel incredibly healthy and energetic.  There have been few symptoms, and while most women will kill me to say that, I feel blessed and am a strong believer it’s due to my diet and almost daily exercise.  But I could just be lucky too!
  • Yes, I’m definitely showing already (lol) and will likely show a pic sometime in May.

I’ve been making preparations in my business for this experience for almost two years now!

Nothing will skip a beat.

My team is ready and excited, and we are fully prepared to keep offering the same great services at the same level as we do now!

Jason and I – and our families – couldn’t be happier and more ready for this little one. I just keep thinking about how GREAT of a life this baby will have.  Being born into a family with so much love and support. It makes me emotional because so many don’t have that experience, and it just makes us want to give of ourselves in support of others even more.

Thank you all so much for sharing in this blessing with us!  🙂

Amber Vilhauer

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