7 Ways to Get Focused and Make Progress in Your Business, NOW!

ID-10031660You don’t have time to waste, so let’s get you focused and on a better path to the progress you’re ready to make!

1) Become aware of your day-to-day activities, feelings and frustrations.

Most find they can’t stay focused, they are distracted easily (Read: 7 Ways to Kick Distractions to the Curb When Working on Your Business), they are frustrated they’re not making better progress, they feel like nothing they do is working, and all of that emotion is redirected toward how you encounter with friends/family and life experiences in general.

If you really face yourself, you will find areas you’d like to improve. Create a list based on the above exercise of what you’d like to change or focus on for next quarter or next year even.

2) Next, create a routine and “schedule” for yourself that includes time you’ll spend on your marketing activities(blogging, email marketing, social media, video creation etc). Add in time you’ll focus on your health and improving your overall well-being (working out, walks, meditation – whatever floats your boat, but you need to get more time in your schedule for moving!). (Video: How to Achieve Work-Life Balance)

3) Get help! Every successful entrepreneur takes courses regularly, attends training events and hires mentors. I have hired coaches for $1250 an hour to propel my business forward when I needed it. Don’t be above seeking help. Don’t let a small budget get in your way either. Put forth the money for what you need, then use your strong mindset to make that money back immediately. Then use the training you’ve learned to super-power your growth and profit. Invest in the courses and people who you know in your gut will move you forward to where you want to be in business and in life.

4) Start becoming more aware of your mindset and when that Inner Critic comes up, when you find you’re comparing yourself to others who are perceived as more successful, fear etc and convert those insecurities into action. The longer you wait to take action, the more you’ll believe the negative thoughts that spur up. Focus on strengthening that mindset of yours so little to nothing gets in your way next year. (Video: Manage Your Mindset)

5) If you’re following mentors who aren’t giving you the full formula, aren’t 100% dedicated to YOUR results, aren’t authentic and aren’t creating an environment of excitement and confidence for you … then re-evaluate why you are clogging up your Inbox and brain with their advice. Follow and engage with leaders who will support you fully. (It’s time to clean up your Inbox!)

6) Join a group coaching program, mastermind or Facebook Group of business people who are “like you” that you can bounce ideas off of, get accountability from, and learn from. I create a private Facebook Group for every product or program I launch and it becomes a sacred space to share, connect and support. Online entrepreneurship can be a lonely place – but it doesn’t have to be. Put yourself out there and create community.

7) Be the person who Jumps In With Both Feet in your business and personal life!

There are 3 types of people in the world:

  •  The Fence Sitter … who sits on the fence and watches everyone else getting results. They are not fully committed, they just like the idea of success, so will get mediocre results at best.
  •  The Pinky Toe In Person … who dips a pinky toe into the pool to see how it feels. But like the Fence Sitter, they also are not fully committed so get just above mediocre results.
  • The Person Who Jumps In With Both Feet … there is no stopping this person. They have the fierce determination, and complete control over their mindset, to overcome any obstacle and WIN regardless. They make great strides in their business and in their personal joy. They impact the world and feel deep gratitude for all of life’s blessings.

We always have a choice in who we want to be and how we show up. If there is ANYTHING I can do to support your decisions and growth, I’d love to help! Contact me anytime for my no-obligation 20-page service menu, or to chat about your passion project.

Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer

photo credit: freedigitalphotos.net

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