7 Rules to Selling

I think you’re going to get a lot of value out of this training, so strap in! 🙂

There’s been one topic that’s come up repeatedly on calls with coaching clients lately: how to sell (while keeping your core values in tact).

Sure, you could dupe people, pull the rug out from under people, threaten people… there are lots of scare tactics taught.

But that’s NOT how we authentic leaders want to go about selling…. right?

The truth is, you CAN be highly effective at sales while being low-key and true to YOU. I’m living proof!

There are 7 rules to selling that I learned back in the day when I sold Cutco Cutlery (and was one of the top sales reps). I knew zip, nada, zilch about sales and communication before this job, btw.

Here’s how I boil down the effective rules to selling:


  • Rule #1: Build “true” and “honest” rapport (relationships).

When a prospect calls and asks me how I’m doing, I never say the typical, “Good, you?” (LAME!) Instead, I dig deep and aim to cover 2-3 areas of my life that I’m feeling good about so we have a solid conversation starter.

The response is awesome. They get really into it and start sharing personal things about their life.

Before you know it, we’ve bonded within the first 2 minutes of the call. Then, I continue to build rapport throughout the call.

People buy from those they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST. Keep that in mind. That’s the first step to a successful sale ahead.

  • Rule #2: Sales is merely transferring your enthusiasm to another.

You know a LOT about your topic. You’ve talked about it, written about it, made videos and speeches about it. Along the way, it’s normal to lose a little enthusiasm because you’ve “been there, done that.”

BUT, to your prospect, this is a big new world.

Open yourself up to build their confidence and their excitement throughout the process. How will they feel when they achieve their goals?

If you’ve seen any of my videos or talked to me on the phone, you FEEL my excitement, right? And that is NOT fake. I just put myself in my prospect’s shoes and remember to “meet them where they are,” and build from there.

  • Rule #3: You must believe 100% in your product.

This might make you say, “Duh!” ….BUT… this is one most struggle with.

Until you’ve gotten REAL results with a customer or client, you may feel like a fraud, “less than” or intimidated to sell. If YOU don’t believe 100% in what you’re selling, no one else will.

So think about how you can get full belief in your service or product. Your enthusiasm and desire to sell will naturally double or triple just via that belief alone.

  • Rule #4: Clearly explain the benefits of what you’re selling.

Another “no brainer” tip, right? Yet sooo many people skip over HOW this will benefit their prospect, especially in copywriting.

Why should the prospect go with you over a competitor?  How will this product/service change their life?  What makes you different?

Write all possible answers down so you are crystal clear on the benefits (and features, for that matter) of what you’re selling. It’ll help boost that enthusiasm naturally as well.

  • Rule #5: Handle objections before they come up.

This is a BIGGIE, “UUUUGE” one (as Trump would say, like him or not). If I am emailing someone a proposal, I really try to think through ALL possible follow-up questions or objections they would have (google this to get some ideas).

This is also a piece to the “price justification” puzzle. The goal is, the prospect has no more questions or reasons not to buy at the end …. naturally, without me EVER having to do a hard sell.

At this point, I’m just still educating people on their options. Gosh, I could write a whole post on this tip alone (and might), but hopefully you get the idea.

  • Rule #6: Ask. — Yep, ASK for the order!

Don’t shy away when it finally comes time to ask if the prospect would like to move forward. Find your own way of asking that feels good for you, then ask confidently and be quiet until they respond. Do NOT back pedal (see rules #2 and #3 above).

A low-pressure example might be something like, “You’re welcome to consider your options of course, but I’m just loving our connection and so excited to work with you, that I’m ready to get started today even. What do you think? What feels good for you?”

  • Rule #7: Follow-up is the “secret weapon” to your sales success.

NOT kidding you, my business would be 1/3 of what it is if I weren’t a total stud at following up. I have a 48 to 72-hr follow-up policy on pretty much all things.

A prospect asked for my service menu? I send it, and follow up same day to see if they got it. Someone emailed me for a quote? I send it, and follow-up in 48-hrs if I haven’t heard back. I had a coaching call with a new client? Follow-up and see how things are going post-call.

Follow up, follow up, follow up. You’ll find people aren’t annoyed … they are glad you did, every time.

As a BONUS tip… if you sell in the spirit of “giving” and not “taking,” sales will be far more effortless. If you really feel you can help someone, and you are giving your heart and expertise to people, they will feel that and want to go with you over your competitor.

This is a LONG list, I know, but I can’t help but over-do it sometimes. I have to make sure these posts are worth your time (and mine).

But you gotta tell me…. what’s your reaction after reading these rules? Comment below and let me know. 🙂

If you thought these tips were helpful, please help me share it on your favorite social network by using the share buttons below! Thank you for your support!

Amber Vilhauer

Great tips Amber! It’s important to be and feel like yourself. It’s also natural to not feel that way when trying something new or different – like selling. Don’t confuse that for being dishonest. Some discomfort is just getting out of your comfort zone.”
– Larry Boyer Business Strategist

I love love this Amber!!! “As a if you sell in the spirit of “giving” and not “taking,” sales will be far more effortless.” One of my favorite “selling” books is the The Go Giver which is a must read for anyone out there selling. :)”
– Steve Wofford Author, Speaker & Coach

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