Google Webmaster to Learn What Your Audience Wants

Today I have a Gold Nugget for you! I insist you go to Google Webmaster, login with your Google user/password and get your website signed up for free with this awesome software. I’ve used it for years and it is AMAZING!! I can see how many links there are online to my website (the more […]

2 Great SEO Tips You Need to Know + 1 More

Between yesterday and this morning, I heard 2 great SEO tips that I can’t help but share, plus, I’m going to remind you of another. One Great SEO Tip: I came across an oldie but a goodie, blog post from ProBlogger called, “Optimize a Single Post On Your Blog for SEO“. The first SEO point […]

Website Optimization and How to Get a Lower Bounce Rate

We make many efforts to get new traffic to our website. We will work hard to create inbound links. We may even buy Google AdWords or other advertising space on similar top sites. We can do article or press release syndication, social networking tactics, or submit our site to multiple directories. But, what happens when […]

2 Fabulous Resources: SEO Guide and Email Marketing Guide

If you have a website online, you probably know how difficult it is to get your webpages ranked well on Google, or how to get more visitation, or how to build and keep a list of email subscribers. There’s a lot that goes into maintaining your website, let alone making it better and better. But, […]