Have You Thought of Facebook as Your Opt-In List Yet?

If you’ve studied Internet Marketing at all, you’ve heard “build a list, build a list, build a list!” This is sound advice. Building a list of email addresses, people that are interested in following you – this can be your greatest online asset over time. Of course you’ll want to handle your “list” with care. […]

Privacy Issues? Facebook to Allow 3rd Party Sites to “Personalize” Your Experience

Where is Facebook headed? At their third annual f8 conference held in San Francisco last week, decisions were made to automatically opt-in users to a 3rd party personalized experience. As groves of long-time Facebook users close or suspend their account, questions are raised as to how much of your private information is given away. Sites […]

Top 15 Ways People Use Facebook

I saw the most interesting post on Facebook last night and it made me wonder how many ways I could come up with that people use Facebook. Too much time searching Facebook later, I came up with the top 15 ways people use Facebook. As you go through these, I hope you start to look […]