Your Brand Radio with Mark Crowley and David Sandusky

For those of you awesome readers that follow me on Facebook and Twitter, you probably noticed I was invited last week to be interviewed by two amazing gentlemen. Mark Crowley and David Sandusky host a live radio show as part of their company “Your Brand Radio” that is helping millions of entrepreneurs online. I was honored!

What’s really great about Your Brand Radio is the theme behind its well-known program: Your business is not unique, but you are! With a couple million followers, Your Brand Radio invites some of the most talented experts on the show to provide never-ending value to its loyal listeners.

The live show was held at Espressole Caffe in the Denver Tech Center which is a great coffee shop that can’t be beat. Accompanying Mark, David and me was a fabulous professional photographer, Neil McKenzie. I noticed throughout the show he was really seeing my interaction with the hosts from every possible angle. I couldn’t have been more impressed. If you need a photographer or a professional photo shoot done, call Neil! I just have to give props when people deserve it!

Mark and David from Your Brand Radio were perfect hosts! I have known Mark for a few years as you’ll hear about when listening to the interview below. When Mark asked me on the show I was really excited and knew it would be a lot of fun. The interview lasted about an hour. We talked about what I was trying to accomplish and how I was trying to make a difference in the world. We talked about the past and the future. We talked about mentorship and giving back. It was simply awesome!

And now, I invite you to listen to our radio interview that Joe Sabah called, “SIMPLY SUPERB!”

(I start around the 10min mark)


I’d love to hear your thoughts on this interview if you wouldn’t mind sticking around and submitting a comment below. Let me know the part that stood out the most to you and why. 🙂

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One thought on “Your Brand Radio with Mark Crowley and David Sandusky

  1. David Sandusky

    Amber – Thank you for being a great guest and adding value on Your Brand Radio! All of our shows are good, but Mark and I can always tell when we have a “Best of Your Brand Radio” usually confirmed by listeners who say just that. Well, that happened with your show and for that I am grateful.
    I will be in touch to discuss talking about mentorship and social media to my Creative Problem Solving students at the Center for Innovation and perhaps one of our annual school-wide events. Two topics I like to bring real world professional examples…like you!

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