Windows Keyboard Shortcuts to Save Time

There are many little tricks I use all day long that helps me to work more quickly and efficiently. I promise that once you learn and practice these few little commands, you’ll love them too!

So let’s start out with the basics.

Let’s say you want to bold some text. Instead of highlighting the text, scrolling up to the toolbar in whatever program you are working in, locating the b button for bold and clicking it … simply highlight the text and hit ctrl + B on your keyboard.

  • Italics: highlight text, then ctrl + I
  • Underline Text: highlight text, then ctrl + U
  • Undo you last entry: ctrl + Z (I use this about a hundred times a day)
  • Redo your last entry: ctrl + Y
  • Save: ctrl + s (I use this ALL the time when writing to make sure my latest version is saved!)
  • Copy text: highlight text, then ctrl + C
  • Paste text: highlight text, then ctrl + V
  • Select all text: ctrl + A
  • Print: ctrl + P
  • Open: ctrl + O

Now, what about some more goodies…

If you are on the Internet and want to open up a new window to do a Google search or look up information on a different website (without losing the page you are currently on), simply hit ctrl + T and a new window will open up in your browser. Sometimes I have upwards of 7 or 8 windows open at one time.

Sometimes when I am making changes to a website, I can republish or upload the new pages, but my changes don’t show up when I try to refresh the page. So sometimes I need to do a “hard refresh”. To do this simply hit ctrl + F5 and then you will see your changes appear.

Here’s a BIGGIE for me: I will sometimes have 5-7 programs running at one time (Word, the Internet, Adobe Illustrator, notepad, etc.). If I don’t want to minimize each program to get to the one I want, or to get to my desktop quickly, I can hit a command that will minimize all programs at once and direct you straight to the desktop. To do this, hit the button with the Windows Logo + M. I LOVE THIS ONE!

I encourage you to try a few of these commands and get used to them. It’s amazing how much easier day-to-day computing has become for me.

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