Why You Need to Be on Google+

Google+Google+ (Plus) is a social network that is taking the Internet by storm. Google+ is Google’s version of Facebook. When this network first came out it felt like a bust. The features were different enough from Facebook that I think it just confused users. Also, everyone was grunting about “another social network to manage.”

However, more and more people are using this social media network for a variety of reasons so it is my suggestion that you get on the social network immediately if you’re not already on it.

Why You Need to Be on Google+

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – You will gain more SEO and ranking benefits by sharing your content on Google Plus. Don’t just share your own content, Google wants to see you’re actively sharing content from other top profiles as well as +1’ing posts from others (which is equivalent to a Facebook “like”).
  • Google+ Communities – This is sort of like LinkedIn Groups where you can connect with a global audience around a particular topic. Anyone can start a Google Plus Community and as long as the Community is public, you can join any group. This is a great way to generate new leads and help more people!
  • Google Hangouts – This is a unique feature to Google+ which allows you to have a multi-user video chat room. I have seen many users get super creative on how they are using this functionality from hosting webinars, meetups, client screenshare demonstrations and more.
  • and it offers so much more…

I have noticed that Google+ users are looking for high quality information, much more interaction (whether through commenting, sharing, or Hangouts), and are loving how easy it is to discover new content and people.

A huge benefit to Google+ that you simply can’t ignore is the integration with other Google services as well as the influence it will have on your Search Engine Optimization.

I believe Google+ will become the #1 social network in the world, beating out Facebook at some point in the near future. No matter what industry you’re in, it’s important to jump in with both feet on this network.

You can go to widgetsplus.com and customize your own Google+ widget for the sidebar of your website (see mine as an example in the right sidebar – don’t forget to add me to your circles!). This makes it even easier for website visitors to connect with you on Google+.

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