What’s the Deal with Affiliate Marketing and Social Media?


By now you’ve heard a little something about affiliate marketing – enough to know you should be an affiliate. You’ve also heard how imperative social media is.

Wanna hear my two cents? Below you’ll find a 20-minute audio where I was interviewed by Pam Zimmer. Feel free to download, SHARE, or listen straight from this post.

What questions did I answer?

  • Why would someone want to sign up as an affiliate and what are the benefits?
  • What is a “mask URL” and when/why would you want to use one?
  • How can you leverage being an affiliate to market and grow your business?
  • If someone is new to social media and wanted to create the most opportunity for a book release, what are the top things they should do?
  • What other tips can I offer to have more success with affiliate marketing and social media?

I’d love to hear your comments and takeaways. Please leave a comment below and/or share this article with others to spread awareness and help educate.

Thank you!

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