Website Design Breakdown: What Does Your Headshot Say About You and Your Website?

Today I thought I’d show you a series of website headers containing the website owner’s photo. Featuring your headshot within the header of your website design is very common if you are an entrepreneur, consultant, speaker and/or author.

The photo you choose to represent you in your website design is so important. When a visitor comes to your website for the first time, you have all of 3-5 seconds to make a first impression. That impression will either result in them staying on your site to learn more about you, or they will hit the back button, thereby increasing your bounce rate.

So what does your headshot say about you? If your photo is outdated, please change it! I think it’s important to show a photo of you within the last 1-3 years, versus 5+ years ago. You can even go to Target if funds are tight – or most digital cameras are very high quality these days. Note too your website designer can tweak your photo to add a background or border or fade that can really make your photo pop.

I personally suggest you mark your calendars once every 3-6 months and spend an hour to seriously evaluate your website. What is outdated, what needs work, what’s missing? I’d also suggest you survey a dozen people and ask them “what turns you on or off about my website?”. A website is not something you spend $2000 on once and say “it’s good enough”. At least not if you want real results from it.

Below you will see some examples of custom-designed website headers and a quick explanation of what the website is for – then you can see why that photo was chosen for the header.

Note: Click on the header to see a larger version.

Hilde Vercaigne – An inspirational website/blog about how you can create the life you want even if you’re coming from a very difficult and dark past. She draws people in with her depth and people can identify with that lostness. Then she lifts them up in her writing – a powerful blend.

Stephen Hyde – A health care consultant who offers high-end consulting services. Very professional and modern. Crisp and trustworthy/inviting.

Debbi Donner – A professional and personal life coach who is also an author and speaker. Her photo is very classy, inviting, personable, trustworthy and she really exudes the life people want for her industry.

Paul Hendricks – A best-selling author and speaker with an edge that draws people straight to him. In Paul’s header he was able to show his confident, professional speaker side, but also shows off his edge and creativity.

Sandra Coulson – The grandmother of Orofacial Myology. Sandra is a very loving, intelligent, author/speaker and giver. She has worked with over 25,000 patients across the globe to diagnose and treat tongue and lip posturing.

These are just a few examples of headshot images that really support the website design. Adding an image to your header can really draw a visitor in, it can build trust and it can help sell your services (IF you have the right photo). If you need help with website design or would like a second opinion no evaluating your current website design, contact me and let’s discuss.

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