Top Social Network Sites – Are You On Them?

Do you have a website with only one, maybe two, social networking icons? Most I’m seeing jumped on the Facebook wagon, but what about the other power-houses? YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and the others…

I like to take a look at the Alexa report of top websites in the world from time to time. I love Alexa for so many reasons but this post isn’t about that. Instead, take a look where people are spending their time. Google #1, Facebook #2, YouTube #3. If you’re like everyone I know online, you’re trying to figure out how to get more traffic. If you know where people are hanging out, then go there!

Set up a Facebook Page, add a YouTube channel, get a LinkedIn account (which brings me consistent leads btw!).

Need I say more?

One thought on “Top Social Network Sites – Are You On Them?

  1. David Sandusky

    For eight years or so I have felt LinkedIn was the best for my abilities to connect people and gather info. Still is, but twitter connecting results to real opportunities, business and information is taking over, for now.

    I know your post is not about Alexa, but the way you brought it in is great. Finding popular sites (where you can participate and align with your brand) is nice thinking. Alexa is part of my intelligence window. As a matter of fact one of my guides for goals in 2010 is to cross rank better than 100k US and 200K global. The data you can gather is fantastic!

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