A Few Top SEO, Social Media, Copywriting, Design and Internet Marketing Resources I Use

Enjoy some of my very top resources below and enjoy all that you learn from them…

The Power of Social Media

An incredible video on the powers of social media for your business! This video will blow your mind away on the powers of the Internet and how you should be using it to gain sales, clients and visitors.

Search Engine Optimization Top Tips Combined

SEO insights from 9 top professionals and social media experts – Insights of key SEO tactics and strategies that we should be addressing in our small businesses. Very good tips you can implement right away!

Copywriting, a Golden Nugget

This resource is one that provides Copywriting Tips for Online Marketing Success. In this blog is one of many excellent articles titled, “How to Build a Successful Business With a Small Audience“. One sentence in this article to help set the stage: “Instead of playing for numbers, you play for depth.” Caution: You could spend an hour on this website looking at all the goodies.

Design Resources and Beyond

I stumbled across this blog doing one of my many research excursions. I was very impressed with this site – mainly the quality of content. I’ve been back dozens of times since and have taken a goodie away from every visit. Joanna is a Freelance Web Designer. Hit her up if you are looking. This post was a list of resources and it led me to many other excellent sites. Enjoy.

Blogging Tips

From cool themes, great plugins, to how-to’s for blogging…this site is great. The tagline is “Take your blog to the next level” and they’re right. For all you beginners, sign up for their blog posts to email…worth it! This article was great: “What You Need To Know About Marketing With Content.”

Those are just a few of many resources that I frequent. I always sign up for blogs that provide quality content. I only subscribe to less than a dozen sites, then have bookmarked a couple dozen. Some you have to let go. I like to pick ones that consistently show me how to take my business to the next level, think outside of the box, and don’t skimp on the details that make you successful. Enjoy!

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