Top 15 Ways People Use Facebook

I saw the most interesting post on Facebook last night and it made me wonder how many ways I could come up with that people use Facebook. Too much time searching Facebook later, I came up with the top 15 ways people use Facebook. As you go through these, I hope you start to look at Facebook in a new light, to help spread your message even faster. The first one below is the post that caught my attention last night.

People Use Facebook to…Do Ask Campaigns!

Facebook Use: Ask Campaigns

People Use Facebook to…Promote Job Opportunities!

Facebook Use: Job Opportunities

People Use Facebook to…Spread Their Blog Posts!

Facebook Use: Spread Blog Posts

People Use Facebook to…Advertise an Event!

Facebook Use: Promote Event

People Use Facebook to…Publicly Thank a Donor!

Facebook Use: Thank a Donor

People Use Facebook to…Educate and Inspire!

Facebook Use: Educate and Inspire

People Use Facebook to…Syndicate Video!

Facebook Use: Syndicate Video

People Use Facebook to…Give Away Free Resources!

Facebook Use: Give Free Resources

People Use Facebook to…Network and Have Facebook Parties!

Facebook Use: Network and Have Facebook Parties

People Use Facebook to…Say Congratulations!

Facebook Use: Say Congratulations

People Use Facebook to…Send Gifts!

Facebook Use: Send Gifts

People Use Facebook to…Recommend Movies!

Facebook Use: Recommend Movies

People Use Facebook to…Post Ads!

Facebook Use: Post Ads

People Use Facebook to…Tell Family They Are Loved and Missed!

Facebook Use: Tell Family You Love Them

People Use Facebook to…Share Photos of Picking the Perfect Christmas Tree!

Facebook Use: Share Photos

What Do You Use Facebook For?


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