To All Those Newbie Bloggers Who Don’t Yet Believe the Power of Blogging….

I, like many of you, just heard about Google+Pages. Being the total geek I am, I instantly raced to Google+ and set up my own business page.

This post isn’t about Google+ Pages, but I do intend to write one once there’s a little more to share about it. For now you can add your description, photo, same ‘ole — but I still of course suggest you set one up for yourself!

keys-to-successful-blogWhat’s fun (and sometimes frustrating) about playing with online tools is that I feel like I’m living in a pin ball machine. My attention pings from one place to another and shortly my brain hurts and I feel a little overwhelmed – information overload (yes it happens to all of us, even those that do this for a living!)

However, on this delightful cruise of the net I checked in to Google Webmasters (the best free tool ever!). Google Webmasters is amazing for all sorts of reasons, all of which are related to Search Engine Optimization. One section of this site shows me a list of all the websites out in the web world who have been super cool enough to link to my site (pages or posts).

Enter point.

Last night I scanned the list of websites that have linked to me – a few including:, Wikipedia,, and hundreds upon hundreds more.

Then I clicked over to the list of keyword phrases where I’m ranked on the 1st page of Google. That was a fun list.

Each time I review all these stats (and I do it often – ahem, you should too), I remembered back when I first started this site. I was new, I was a “no one”, I just wanted to share everything I knew with anyone that would listen.

My next thought is of all my clients who trust me and venture off into the blogging world, half fearless, half fearful. I say, “Just trust me. Get to 100 blog posts and you’ll see why blogging is so important. You’ll see how many people are sharing your content, you’ll get more sales and clients – that’s what happens when you put people first.”

If you just hang in there, and KEEP BLOGGING, you will have a day like I had last spring… I had written a tiny little post that took me maybe 10-15 minutes about Google Personalization. One day I login to my blog and see I got 1,000 new visitors to my site within 24 hours. The editor in chief of Slate had linked to my post. Sweet!

If you just hang in there, and KEEP BLOGGING, you will find people sharing your content (most of which you don’t even know about!). You will get more visitors. You will make more sales. You WILL see the BENEFIT.

I just wanted to send those words of encouragement to all you bloggers out there. Providing good content is important. It does matter. We just need you to log on and share what you think we could benefit from! 😉

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