Those Who Say It Can’t Be Done Are Usually Passed By Someone Doing It

Excuses, excuses. We know them well don’t we?

challenge-your-excusesYou’ve gravitated toward this site because you are most likely a budding entrepreneur, have a killer good new idea for a business, are just learning the Internet game or just love learning and keeping up with industry news. Either way, you have ideas and goals. Above all, you have “wants”.

You want to be financially stable – you want a successful business – you want others to hear your message.

Somewhere along the way we get distracted and procrastination sets in. Before you know it, your great idea was born months ago and very little progress has been made. You still have every intention of getting it off the ground, but you just need “more time”.

I’m here today to share a message that more hours won’t magically appear in the day. Instead, like the rest of us, you are forced into choosing how you spend the 24hours in a day you do have. Everything is a decision that will positively impact our goals, or push them further out of reach.

Any time you have to say to yourself, “OK. Tomorrow I will for SURE get around to that!” – caution. If you’ve found yourself saying that even 2 days in a row it’s time to re-evaluate what you’re choosing to do. Naturally some days we really will run out of time – that’s 100% ok. Don’t judge yourself. But if you find yourself putting something off for two days or three days, it’s time to check in and see what’s up.

If we REALLY want to do something, won’t we just make it happen? Like in a new relationship. You meet someone and you’re all giddy and want to spend ALL of your time with that person. So what do you do? You stay up all night – who cares how tired you are the next day – you’re elated and this “feels right”. So, now we know you’re capable of doing anything you WANT to do.

This tells us that something is holding us back from launching this business or making this dream a reality. It could be fear, lack of finances, loss of confidence, etc. Either way, it is important to sit down in a quiet moment and identify what is really holding you back. You’ll find the answer is not “time”.

Once we are true with ourselves and can identify that weakness we can make proactive decisions to move on even though those feelings are there. Give space for that fear (or whatever that anchor is) and move on anyway.

I LOVE taking baby steps. We often look at the picture as a whole and instantly get overwhelmed. There’s SO MUCH to do we freeze and do nothing. Instead, make a to-do list. Keep it organized by short tasks. Do not pressure yourself by writing down “get a website up”. Lol, that’s just setting yourself up for frustration. Instead, write down items such as “find 5 websites I’d like to base my website design off of” or “hire a programmer” or “buy a domain name”.

If you can compartmentalize your idea into manageable tasks you will find you can get started today! You could have already crossed one task off your to-do list in the time it took you to read this post! Today I wanted to motivate you to take some action. You’ll feel much better and as I said… “Those who say it can’t be done are usually passed by someone doing it.”

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2 thoughts on “Those Who Say It Can’t Be Done Are Usually Passed By Someone Doing It

  1. Paul Hendricks

    Great post today! I almost wanted to tell you to get out of my head 😉 I completely understand the feeling of putting things off until the next day. It’s like a roller coaster ride sometimes – being excited about my project only to put off important steps a few days later. I believe it really boils down to fear. Fear of failing? More like fear of succeeding.

    I concur with you about taking a step. Even if it’s only one. Take steps toward your dream. The more steps you take, the faster you’ll watch your dream unfold. And don’t worry, you’re going to make mistakes. Knowing that will allow you to move without so much resistance, which is based on fear anyway. Thanks for the reminder, Amber!!!

    1. Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer

      Haha, I loved reading your comment – “got out of my head”. It’s the weirdest thing, I just got this huge feeling to write this post, all of a sudden. Glad I could help you and anyone else. Afterall, that’s what this blog is all about!! 🙂

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