The Process + Tips for Growing a Successful Blog Part 2

In my last blog post I wrote about your mindset towards blogging (which is critical) plus how to brainstorm a list of writing topics to stay on point. Next…

keys-to-successful-blogGoogle’s Free Keyword Tool

This tool will serve you well in coming up with keywords that are popular search phrases for your target market – which, in turn, are perfect topics to write about!

  • Go to
  • Enter in a keyword (such as leadership) or keyword phrase (such as leadership resources for business owners) into the top field.
  • Click ‘yes’ on Use Synonyms.
  • Type in the security code (you only have to do this once).
  • Click “Get Keyword Ideas”

You will notice a long list of keyword ideas come up based on the most popular searches in Google. I sort the list by clicking on “Global Monthly Search Volume” so I’m seeing keywords most searched to least searched.

We can see what your market is searching on most. Then we can write blog posts about those topics to get more traffic. This tool will give you fresh ideas of writing topics and will keep you focused on getting ranked in Google.

The Technical Side

Google (and your readers!) like short to medium sized posts – usually around 300-600 words. More words than that are a turn off to visitors because chance are they don’t have time to read it all and Google’s spider bots only scan so many words usually in hunt for keywords in which to rank you by.

Inserting images into your posts are a plus. Many people are visual and this can generate more interest. But, you should know you must own the rights to that photo or buy the rights via a site like

Adding audio and video are always a plus.

I suggest you write as often as you can. The easiest way to think about it is the more you blog, the faster you will gain traffic. I personally try to add 1-2 blog posts a week – which can be tough because I do it on my spare time. I make time. Some of you will try and build your blog full time so maybe 5-6 posts a week is a good goal. The more consistent you are the better!

End each blog post with a course of action or by asking your readers a question to get involved on the conversation. Ask them for what you need. “Subscribe to my newsletter” “Make a comment” “Fill out this quote form” etc.

Stories are a great way to sell and for people to remember you. Paint a visual picture, add screenshots or images to enhance your posts. Before publishing your post ask yourself, “Will this impact at least one person?” “Did I do my best to educate and inspire?” then tweak your post is necessary.

When You Get Stuck

Some days you’ll start writing your post and get almost brain-dead on ideas to add. I like adding posts that start with “35 ways to…” or “14 Effective Ideas to…” because people are looking for quick answers and lists make it easy for them to scan for the solution. (Always keep your readers in mind!)

On days such as these you have 2 options. One is to save your post as a draft and start a new one that you are more engaged in. Your readers will pick up on your lack of enthusiasm most likely anyway.

Two is to “Google It”. Let’s say my blog post is about “how to boost morale in the workplace”. I’ll Google that phrase and look through 5-20 websites finding new ideas. Never, ever plagiarize. I like to look at the ideas listed and it almost always will spark some new idea in my mind to write about that can be uniquely mine. Or, I will take an idea and spin in it a new direction. Sometimes we just need a boost or a reminder to keep going.

Bonus Tip: A great resource I’ve found is ProBlogger. I read their book first, and then subscribed to get email notifications of their new posts. It has been an excellent resource to growing my blog (and thinking). Examples of their post topics include:

  • How 12 Experts Make Money Through Their Blogs (And How You Can Learn Their Secrets)
  • An Important Question to Ask Before Hitting Publish on Your Next Post
  • Does Price Impact Which Affiliate Products You Promote?

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