The Movement Marketing Summit with Amber Vilhauer, Aj Amyx and Andy Zitzmann

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Today I want to invite you into my mindset around branding and conversion.

What I find interesting is that if you’re not getting the sales you want, you think you need to market harder or in a different way. You rarely think about the possibility of an issue around your branding. Today, I’m going to expose you to the real problem….

(also, see below for real actionable branding tips you can use in your business!)

You could do ALL the marketing in the whole world – and you could do it perfectly! – but when that traffic comes back to your website you’ll find out if your branding is a winner or a loser. And that’s the truth.

Your brand is a winner if you’re getting sales and optins and more importantly, engagement. Your brand is a loser if it feels like you’re pulling teeth to get optins, it’s “hard” to get your audience to communicate with you, and your business as a whole feels like it’s just barely chugging along.

Aj Amyx and Andy Zitzmann approached me after hearing me speak at The Branding Summit last fall. They loved my spin on branding and wanted to go deeper into the conversation by interviewing me for their MEGA marketing summit.

Get access to my 1-hour interview by clicking here.


It is so important to me that you get VALUE from every single blog post I write, so I’m going to take a sec to offer a few great branding reminders:

  • Be conversational in your writing (this applies to blogging, email marketing and especially social media)
  • Market to ONE person… not an entire audience. When you try to be all things to all people, your message is generalized and it won’t convert.
  • Always be authentic and never try to mold your writing or content around what you see others doing
  • Take the time to determine your “core message” so all of your content has consistent tone and value
  • Have a steady focus on your brand as your company grows. Your brand is meant to evolve over time and without that steady focus, your audience will disengage from you

I want to be able to tell you exactly how to improve your brand in this email, but you’d be reading it for a really long time and I want to save you from that. So instead, I want you to click here and register for the Summit and then you’ll get my very specific action steps to improve your brand and overall conversion.

  • We talked about the biggest myths around branding (your beliefs will be shattered and the truth will be presented to you)…
  • I went through, step-by-step, the branding exercise my clients pay me $400 for.
  • We talked about how to approach market research, when to take action, and how to convert. It was a killer training session and I know it will make the difference in your conversion if you listen to it.

(Of course, that just scratches the surface of what I taught…)

Get access to my 1-hour interview by clicking here.

Once you’re done learning the content please send me an email and let me know what you thought + your questions. I’m happy to answer them for free to support your journey.

With gratitude for you,

Amber Vilhauer

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