The Most Powerful (and Free!) Form of Advertising

For most of you, you’ll already have guessed that the most powerful, and free, form of advertising is… (drum roll)… Word of Mouth!

But don’t leave the post yet – this very well could be the reminder you need. Look, word of mouth IS the most POWERFUL form of advertising. It’s free. It’s can spread like wild fire. AND the leads you get are easy to close!

Word of Mouth AdvertisingWhy? People TRUST what their friends and family tell them. If my best friend says I have to go see x movie… I most likely will. If my sister says I should not go to x restaurant, I won’t. It’s that simple.

If you offer a great product or service, your customers will advertise FOR YOU. I truly believe you can build a sustainable business just by being great at the service you provide. No need to spend thousands on Google AdWords, no need to print tons of business cards or print ads – nada. Sure, you can do some supporting advertising if you like. But this age – this Information Age – makes it easier than ever before to save money on all advertising costs just by being great!

Just today, I was dealing with a big issue my client was faced with – she was not receiving order notifications from her shopping cart. Loooong story short, I contacted HostGator (her website hosting company) via Live Chat (which I love!).

A tech support agent responded to my chat request immediately. He was fast, so polite, helpful and instantly put me at ease. I knew he was looking into it. Within a couple of minutes he said to me “I think I can fix this”. Relief! And he did just that – quickly, without hassel, without trying to upsell me, without pestering me. Oh my goodness!

So, I’m feeling overjoyed and relaxed, and what do I decide to do? Go to Facebook and tell the world how GREAT HostGator is! And the kicker (!) is a great friend and business contact of mine, Mark Crowley, writes a comment saying he absolutely agrees about HostGator, then says, ” Plus, when Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer recommends it – just go do it!” Ha!

My point is, people can’t help but spread news about their experiences – good AND bad. I write this post today to strongly encourage you to evaluate your client interactions. It is so important to treat your clients like GOLD. Not only because they’ve just invested in you and put their trust in you, but also because people talk. What do you want people to say about you and how you handle yourself?

Plus, if you haven’t looked at it from this angle, you have a responsibility to the person who referred you! It is their reputation on the line. When a client says, “You’ve gotta talk to Amber,” then I better deliver! (I would anyway, but you get the point). Please share this article with others – you never know who’s business you could help turn around! 🙂

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