The Gift of Collaboration and How to Get Started

One way to ensure your long-term success is to get strategic collaborative partners to help you gain exposure and new prospects.

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Two heads are better than one.” Collaboration is hot, hot, hot in today’s online world. Entrepreneurs everywhere have a message and realize they must get to where the people are if they ever want to be successful. Well, each business owner online today has a community of followers in their back pockets. Some have more followers, some have less. It is my suggestion to develop the mindset that there are tons of people out there, with big communities, who are just waiting to meet you and promote you. If you have something of VALUE to offer their audience, they will promote you!

The Gift of Collaboration and How to Get StartedLet’s give an example. In any industry there will be leaders who have an active blog with lots of readers, or leaders who run teleseminars and webinars, leaders who a have big social networking following, etc. All you need to do is a little research to go find them! Go to that leaders website and study what they are doing, what they talk about, what they promote. Then get creative on how you can expand upon something they are already doing, or by offering something new.

You could connect with that leader and say, “This is who I am and this is the value I add to my clients. I came across your company and it is really in alignment with what I do. Would you be open to pairing up and running a joint teleseminar call?” Then, together you create the outline for the event, and you each go promote it to your following. This is a WIN WIN. You have less work to do since someone else is sharing the work load. That person is promoting you all over their social networks, blog, etc. The leader gets the same in return. Don’t worry if you have a smaller following – make up for it by providing bigger value!

You can use this same concept and instead of offering to co-run a teleseminar, you provide that person a HUGE value-packed blog post to add to their site (and let them know you’ll post one of their blogs on your site).


The steps to initiate a collaboration are:

  • Find 5-10 people in your industry that seem to have a bigger following than you (a simple Google search will do)
  • Pick 3 people to start with
  • Read through their posts, look at their upcoming events, review their social networks (spend about 15-20 minutes on each person — that time is worth the huge potential for projects and clients you’ll get out of it, so don’t rush this part)
  • Determine the best way you can offer service to that person (a blog post, a collaborative eBook, a teleseminar, etc)
  • Next, just reach out to that person (“This is who I am and this is the value I add to my clients. I came across your company and it is really in alignment with what I do. Would you be open to pairing up and ___________”)
  • All you ever need to do is add value for free up front. Just out of the goodness of your heart. The business and partners WILL follow.


My CHALLENGE for you today is:
Just start by doing a Google search and find those 5-10 leaders to target. Now, you can’t just Google, “dog training leader”. You may need to get creative and search on phrases such as “dog training webinar” (people who do webinars are more advanced in marketing and generally have a bigger following), “dog training private coaching” etc. Get creative and search by service and you may get more answers, faster.

If you need help or have questions about collaboration, I would like to invite you to make a Facebook post below. If you want advice or direction, I’m always more than happy to share what I know. Thank you in advance for your interaction:

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