The Funnel Formula: A Simple Campaign That Everyone Needs

Bear with me because I am feeling a bit strong in my opinions today, lol. I’m directing my focus on “funnels” specifically.

(The last time I was “fed up” with the way our industry was teaching you about a topic, I made a 35-min video that went viral and impacted MANY people in a positive way, helping them earn a lot more. Get ready, I’m ready to strike again. And it starts now.)

It’s all about funnels.

Funnel is the “it” buzzword and has been for years. It makes sense. We all want to reach more people. We all want to work smarter, not harder. So naturally, we want to find a way for people to go through an automated process to optin, convert, and buy.

Here’s what I know:

  • You are not maximizing the opportunity when people optin for your list.
  • Your optin offer is half-baked and not a true reflection of your talent or passion.
  • You have a sense what your audience wants but let’s face it, there an element of assumption/guessing and you don’t know for sure.
  • You keep hearing this word “funnel” and know you need one, but it has collected dust in your to do list.
  • when you get deeper into implementing something like this you start to second-guess your messaging, and/or the tech implementation aggravates you and you get stuck somewhere along the way.
  • You think, “There has to be an easier way.”
  • …and you’re right.


The Funnel Formula: A Simple Campaign that Everyone Needs

(Finally, a highly effective funnel campaign that is easy to setup and just plain works!)

Now hold on! Before you make assumptions about what this is… know this:

I’m in the unique position of being an agency owner which means I work with hundreds of people on their marketing at any given time. Additionally, I have spent my career studying the experts to prove or debunk their teachings.

Therefore, when I give a training it’s based on what I have seen in the marketplace and not just something that worked once for me so now I’m going to monetize off of it. (eye roll)

I create custom-tailored training for the masses. I have the ability to think through what the masses will face as they try to implement the teaching and can be more thorough to accommodate you better.

I also know that only a small handful of people are capable of being true Do-It-Yourself’rs. They have the time and patience. But most need a Done-With-You or Done-For-You solution.

This training has all three options! Proof I’ve thought through how to make this work for YOU and haven’t just been careless in my approach.

I don’t know about you, but I am FED UP with hearing the cry of the entrepreneur who wants to make an impact, but is drowning in unnecessary, complicated work.

The Funnel Formula is simple and effective. (My mom always taught me to, “Dare to be different.”)

Let this be the year of GETTING THINGS DONE.

Amber Vilhauer

(PS) This short page will explain all of the details of this training. More or less, it’s a killer good training video and interactive workbook. I also have prepared options for those who want my help with the implementation. I’m ready to help you get this done!

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