The No Guts No Glory Challenge!

Summer has passed, kids are back in school and that keyboard is just staring at you … ready for you to take serious action.

It’s the Fall. You want to finish the year strong. Maybe you’re thinking about your January launch plans. Maybe you’re thinking about how to make 2017 your BEST year ever.

But something, somewhere might be nagging at you — not necessarily “right now,” just sometimes in your quiet moments. Is it self-doubt? Is it nerves because you know it’s time to step up and prove what you’re capable of achieving?

Remember, you can BE, DO, CREATE and HAVE anything […]

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From Gutsy to Grounded: An Entrepreneur's Experience of Managing Success

Have you ever been faced with an enormous opportunity and scrambled to decide if it was worth pursuing or not? Along the journey to making the decision, you’re filled with anxiety, fears, excitement, limiting beliefs, and imagination of the relief this opportunity could bring.

Being an entrepreneur offers so many interesting and unique experiences that you just couldn’t get anywhere else. I started my company in 2007 and named it NGNG Enterprises (standing for No Guts No Glory). I have trained my Courage muscle to give me the guts to pursue any goal I wanted to achieve and now, through my […]

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