6 Tips to Survey Your Audience and Monetize Your Business

I’m excited to share a quick tip that will help to ensure that you’re giving your customers what they really want (and monetizing your business in the process!). It’s a total win-win! Survey your audience! Sounds like a no-brainer, huh? But most people aren’t doing this. If you’re one of them, I highly encourage you […]

How to Monetize Using Affiliate Marketing | 4-min Fast Track Video Ep #31

Who’s up for a great monetization tip? ¬†¬†I have two words for you. ¬†Affiliate Marketing. I created this video to give you some great ideas around this process and how to use it to earn extra income while also providing some really great value to your fellow entrepreneurs. ¬†So whether you’ve already been an affiliate […]

Celebrate Success & Give Yourself Some Credit!

Today, I just had to say, “Thank you!” Thank you for your awesome attitude, your support, for staying connected and for trying hard every day to do right by the world and those around you. The backstory which will lead me to share 6 really valuable tips… It’s been a very full past couple of […]

An Easy Way to Monetize Your Blog Posts | 4-min Fast Track Video Ep #20

Did you know that there is a way to easily monetize your blog posts? ¬†That’s right! ¬†If you produce blog posts for your readers, there is an incredibly easy thing you can do to¬†generate sales¬†and help grow¬†your business! With a little effort, a decent video camera and a strong focus on providing good value to […]

8 Ideas to Help You Get Creative and Monetize

Have you ever noticed that our inner genius and¬†creativity tends to gets stifled when we’re busy looking at what everyone else is doing? ¬†We get distracted from our own possibilities. If you feel like you’re not in “flow,” or that you’re not creating with ease, you may want to reduce the amount of time you […]