Authentic Leader Webcast Episode #20: What Blog Topics to Write About

Do you ever feel stuck on what to write about for your blog? Do you hope you’ll come up with blog topic that people want to not only read, but share with others on social media?

Today’s video training is definitely for YOU!

You’ll learn:

How to create a content plan that stops all guesswork for future blog writing
My two best ideas for creating the exact content your audience wants most from you
Three hidden secrets the pros use to find the hottest topics to write about
A sure-fire way to leverage the powers of social media to boost your blog
…and SO much more!

video format

audio […]

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The Process + Tips for Growing a Successful Blog Part 1

When I started my blog, I had many ideas and tools to get started with a bang. I had been studying Internet Marketing from the top experts in the industry – and a few became great friends. I have had excellent mentors that showed me how and why to do certain marketing aspects – avoiding the ones that didn’t matter.

But, I still had to try it on my own. You can have all the education in the world, but it’s the execution that really starts your training. So today I share some of the things I’ve done to keep me […]

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