Authentic Leader Webcast Episode #5: Top MUST-DO Keys to Success for Authors with Dr. Judith Briles

Are you an author who would like to learn how to sell more books, build readership and get recognized?

I am excited to share with you my interview with Dr. Judith Briles (The Book Shepherd) as she shares top author screw-ups, how to sell 10,000 copies of your book, cost breakdowns for book development and what key MUST-DOs you need to know about to be successful.

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More about Dr. Judith Briles

Judith is an innovative and creative guide who can expertly assist you […]

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9 Keys to Be a Successful Author and Entrepreneur

Last night I attend AuthorU‘s latest event. We met at the Tattered Cover bookstore in Lodo and Dr. Judith Briles taught us about book signings and how to get more book sales in general. It was a great evening packed full of good content as usual, and below I am sharing the highlights for you. Note, this same information can absolutely be for non-authors too – building a platform is critical no matter what you do or what product you sell.

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9 Keys to Be a Successful Author and Entrepreneur


Study Others – In […]

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