Download Free Cool Fonts

Maybe you’re a beginner designer, or you are an author and just came out with an eBook you need a cool cover for. How can you get your design to stand out? I suggest, downloading free fonts – gothic fonts, script fonts, word fonts, handwriting fonts, tattoo fonts – all free for you to download depending on where you go.

I’ve actually researched a bit, where you can go to get free but SAFE fonts. I use very often. You can search fonts by category and view the styles without having to go through a ton of hoops. I’ve download […]

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The Most Powerful (and Free!) Form of Advertising

For most of you, you’ll already have guessed that the most powerful, and free, form of advertising is… (drum roll)… Word of Mouth!

But don’t leave the post yet – this very well could be the reminder you need. Look, word of mouth IS the most POWERFUL form of advertising. It’s free. It’s can spread like wild fire. AND the leads you get are easy to close!

Why? People TRUST what their friends and family tell them. If my best friend says I have to go see x movie… I most likely will. If my sister says I should not go to […]

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