Your website is the HUB and HEART of EVERYTHING you do online. You’d better make it great!

  • Why? When you are out there marketing your buns off (doing webinars, speaking, creating video or blog posts…) where do you send people to? Correct answer: Your website. That alone should tell you why this page is SO important to your success right now.
  • The problem? Most business owners are in such a frenzy to market or monetize or do anything else, they keep their old, raggedy, sad website alone to rot. Poor thing!
  • The solution? Find a way to fall so head-over-heels in love with your website that you WANT to update it weekly (if not daily) and WANT to re-invest money back into it on a regular basis. It’s a start. Check out these time-saving, stress-reducing tips below!

Tip #1: Freshen Up that Stinky, Old Content

You heard me.

One of the WORST things you can do is keep dated or lame content on your website.

We all do it. It’s nothing to feel tooooo ashamed about.

But it is time for a change. And FAST.

This is your prospect’s… colleague’s… heck, world’s impression of you and the quality in which you do business.

Sound important? IT IS.

Tip #2: Keep Your Website Secure

I don’t mean confident. I mean keep it safe from hackers! 🙂

More than 30,000 webpages get hacked each DAY according to SophosLabs. WPBeginner says 83% of WordPress sites got hacked because regular software updates hadn’t been made. Naughty, naughty.

The two videos to the right will teach you HOW to keep your site secure, and what to do if you’ve been hacked.

This is SO important, I’m giving up vital “tip” space on this page to educate you about it. It’s not a sales tactic. The threat is real. And the last thing you want is ANY down time on your website. Remember, it’s the hub and heart of your business.

(ps) Want us to keep your site secure for you? We can. Here’s how.

Tip #3: Don’t Make These Deadly Mistakes

There are 7 of them.

I made this 8-part video series a couple years ago. (Haha, it’s fun to look back. And hey, my background has survived all of these years later! lol)

What’s cool is the deep-dive, detailed advice I give in this video is STILL 100% relevant! And, it’s the foundation for every single website my team and I build.

Good advice sticks.

That’s why this video series is a VERY good use of your time this week. Check it out!

(ps) Wanna see our website portfolio, just for fun? Blast off!

Don’t do what you’re tempted to do.


“What am I tempted to do?” you ask.

You’re tempted to file away this page, or my email, and say you’ll come back to it. Chances are, you won’t.

I know you’ll WANT to, and you’ll mean well, but you’re busy.

You know as well as I do that you won’t benefit from this knowledge unless you take action NOW.

So here’s a suggestion:

Take action now and schedule a 30-min call with me. Why? To talk about how we can relate the 3 tips above directly to YOUR business.

Think of it as a free 30-min coaching session. There’s no hidden agenda or tricks here.

Yes, my schedule will be BUSY, and I’m going to have a LOT of work ahead of me as a result of this offer.

But I am offering it because I love to have calls with my community, hear their needs, give advice and get some good market research out of it.

You get advice to grow your business, I get market research to grow mine!

Don’t hesitate or delay. Calls will be first come first served.