Oh social media… why do people find you to be such a pain?!

…especially when you are such a magical way to connect with unlimited prospects around the globe so easily!

  • Why? Social media is magical. Magical IF you understand the rules (…which, most don’t). If you step back from the personal pain social media brings you, and just think about the opportunity you have to connect with ANYONE YOU WANT within a couple of clicks… you might just get enough excitement to WANT to learn the rules, and therefore be successful in your approach.
  • The problem? Most business owners get fussy about social media before even giving it a real chance. I know it’s very likely that you don’t like social media, don’t understand social media, don’t want to spend your time performing social media, YET, know it’s important to your growth. Hmm, predicament.
  • The solution? Learn about social media before you judge it too harshly. (OR, have my team do your social media for you.) Check out these time-saving, stress-reducing tips below!

Tip #1: Don’t Make These Deadly Mistakes

There are 7 of them!

I made this 30-min video a few years ago. (Haha, it’s fun to look back. And hey, my background has survived all of these years later! lol)

What’s cool is the deep-dive, detailed advice I give in this video is STILL 100% relevant! And, it’s the foundation for a very successful done-for-you social media service we operate called “Social Media Content Delivery.”

Good advice sticks.

That’s why this video is a VERY good use of your time today. Check it out!

Tip #2: Ditch Your Facebook Page?!


My tip is to ditch the Page and start a Group.

You want better results don’t you?

I know it’s painful to consider abandoning the work you did, but hey, times they are a changin’.

Tip #3: Get Customers by Answering Questions

I am all about working smarter, not harder. And this tip is just plain smart.

By answering questions (how easy is that!) you can actually drive traffic over to your website. Once on your website, you should be converting those visitors to email subscribers or customers (more training about that here).

This is SUCH a simple and effective tip to boost your business success.

And yes, I implement this one in my own business too! I practice what I preach. 🙂

Don’t do what you’re tempted to do.


“What am I tempted to do?” you ask.

You’re tempted to file away this page, or my email, and say you’ll come back to it. Chances are, you won’t.

I know you’ll WANT to, and you’ll mean well, but you’re busy.

You know as well as I do that you won’t benefit from this knowledge unless you take action NOW.

So here’s a suggestion:

Take action now and schedule a 30-min call with me. Why? To talk about how we can relate the 3 tips above directly to YOUR business.

Think of it as a free 30-min coaching session. There’s no hidden agenda or tricks here.

Yes, my schedule will be BUSY, and I’m going to have a LOT of work ahead of me as a result of this offer.

But I am offering it because I love to have calls with my community, hear their needs, give advice and get some good market research out of it.

You get advice to grow your business, I get market research to grow mine!

Don’t hesitate or delay. Calls will be first come first served.