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Amber has been an essential partner in building my business…a partner I consult on a regular basis…and whose guidance has always been expert and timely. I recommend her without reservation.

Tom Rubens

Get Your Social Media Audit Today!

Get Your Social Media Video Audit & Strategy Outline PDF… where you’ll get a 45 minute highly-detailed video screecast review of all your social networks (posts, design, engagement, etc), PLUS a pdf overview of the specific recommended strategies you need to implement to get WAY better results with this winning marketing method.

Is social media one of the most draining and frustrating things you do all day?

Are you wasting time trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t?

… What if a trained professional who IS getting results could give you a social media AUDIT and then give you a specific strategy outline to follow so you’re only doing what works from here on out?

The Down and Dirty Truth

Get Your Social Media Video Audit & Strategy Outline PDFSocial media IS working for many, many businesses. Authors, speakers and coaches are getting hundreds of thousands of page views, more clients, more book sales, more…everything.

When will you dig your heels in and get a piece of that pie for yourself?

  • If you are not growing your following with social media…
  • If you’re not engaging with your audience on these networks…
  • If you’re not getting new leads and sales from this platform…

…YOU ARE MISSING OUT. Plain and simple.

Amber Ludwig-VilhauerOnline business and marketing expert Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer can help – now.

Amber can scour your social media profile pages for exactly what is working (and what is definitely NOT working) for you. No more guessing, no more wasting your time – get to the core of how to use social media to grow your following, increase leads and sales, and create lasting, powerful relationships.

The 5 Steps to Social Media Hero Town

Steps to Improve Your Social Media If you’re ready to get started, simply click the Buy Now button below and submit your order which will let Amber know the project is a “GO!” Amber will start immediately by getting the links to all of your social profiles and website. Whether you are on 1 network or 7, this process will be a WIN for you.

Steps to Improve Your Social Media She will then do a very thorough review of your entire online platform. We must identify exactly how social media leads move through your online business to maximize return. If you have no formal process for this right now, Amber will include this in the Strategy Outline PDF which is customized just for you.

Steps to Improve Your Social Media Amber then creates a 45-60-minute screencast video. She walks through your many posts and comments on each one about what is working and what isn’t (and why). You’ll learn how to increase your engagement, how to get on a schedule with your posts, how to save time, and how to leverage larger networks to grow your own. You’ll have “forever access” to this video audit.

Steps to Improve Your Social Media Next, a very specific strategy outline is designed for you. This will detail the highest recommendations for your new and improved social media approach. Use this PDF as your daily guide to stay on track with your social media efforts and finally feel in control of the process.

Steps to Improve Your Social Media You will receive your social media video audit and personalized strategy plan from Amber within 3-5 business days of your order. At this point you’ll want to deliver this strategy to your team (if you have one) to immediately implement, or you can watch the video and an immediate shift will be made in how you approach your social media marketing.

Do This For Your Social Media Sanity

Yes, you could go out and continue learning from a bunch of different people what works and what doesn’t and try to figure out how that applies to you. Snooze.

OR you could cut to the chase and find out NOW how to take advantage of one of the most powerful and profitable forms of marketing.

To GET STARTED TODAY, simply click that Buy Now button below and submit your order. Amber will email you specific next steps so we can get this process started right away. Answers are just a click away!

Social Media Video Audit & Strategy Outline PDF: $297


What’s Gonna Win?

  • Having the answer OR continuing to search for the answer?
  • Feeling excited and confident OR frustrated and drained?
  • Starting now OR maybe, probably not, getting around to it later?

Let us help. Give the social media video audit and strategy outline pdf and try today. No Guts No Glory!