Client Feedback

“If you need something done, call Amber. And, chances are, she’s already working on it. Amber has extensive knowledge of web design and how to efficiently integrate technology to make it serve the client. While Amber’s ability to see the big picture (the business problem I’m trying to solve through technology) sets her apart, service is what makes Amber exceptional. She anticipates, listens, recommends, listens some more, and follows through – quickly and accurately. She’s a valued resource and trusted partner!”

Coach Dan Clemens

I wanted to thank you for the personal note you sent earlier this month. I have to say you are one of around three people who have done that, outside of massive corporate America. It is such a thoughtful and effective part of building business relations. Working with you has been such an great experience. From the very beginning, all the way through, you carry the same level of attention and professionalism. When many companies start to slack or get bogged down or caught up with the many intricacies of running a business, you seem to juggle it all and are ready for more. I do thank you and I’m more than happy and very impressed with your services. Keep up the great work!

Jami Rodman

Amber – You are just the best, smartest, funnest and most wisest woman ever! Thank you. Thank you for giving me the confidence in myself to be and do what I want and love and feel passionate about. I didn’t think I had much to offer or felt it even possible to do until I met you and you helped me see what is truly possible. I still have a long way to go to actually achieving it all but I’m well on my way and feeling more confident every day thanks to you and your brilliance. Thank you for allowing me to witness and learn from your true greatness and for being such an inspiration and blessing to me and my life.
Words can hardly express how grateful I am to you and how much I love you and look forward to continuing to working with you and accomplishing great and marvelous things together.


Sue Squire