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Working with Amber was easy and fun. She provided clear, detailed ideas and feedback to capture the intent of what I wanted designed. Her communication was very good, keeping me posted on progress of the project. I highly recommend Amber.

Susan West

Twitter Cover Art Details

Custom Twitter Covers can hands down increase your followers! If you are using Twitter to get business exposure then you need as many followers as you can get your hand on.

There are plenty of tips I can give you about maximizing Twitter. A few include…

  • Tweet often! The more you tweet, the more followers (and business!) you will get.
  • Try tweeting at different times of the day to see when you get the best/most responses.
  • Use tools like Social Oomph to schedule tweets to drop later (if you’re busy like me), twollow to auto-follow targeted followers that are interested or working in your market, and/or TweetDeck to manage multiple Twitter accounts/profiles.
  • Find competitors and experts in your field and follow them. Then you can monitor their network and actions to gauge what you should be doing to get in the game.
  • Re-Tweet what others have posted if you think it will add value to your Profile.

The biggest tip of all??

Create your custom designed Twitter Cover Art to drive all of that traffic back to your website or blog! What do I mean? Look at this example:

Twitter Cover Art

A few examples of what you can include in your Twitter background graphic:

  • Promote your eBook or published book!
  • It’s best to add a picture that’s different than your profile picture (if you can).
  • Add URLs to other social networks, your website, blog, etc. (Note: You cannot have clickable links on Twitter covers as it is all one big image – instead, you want to list out links clearly.)
  • Add your logo, tagline, services list, branding images and content
  • List a testimonial or two – anything to establish trust and add value

The goal is to use all of your social networks to further your brand messaging, promote your product/service, and share your goals. People like to help people and never before have we had the unlimited potential to get so much exposure. Take advantage of it!

Get Your Twitter Cover Art Designed!

I can design you a beautifully branded, functional and effective Twitter cover to ensure you are making the very most out of your Twitter experience.

As soon as your order is placed I will contact you right away with instructions of what I would need to start your design. I will show you a comp draft within 1-2 business days and we can make edits until we have a design you are proud of. I can even help add this to your Twitter profile page for free if you’d like. You will have access to and keep control of the final design files and you’ll have an image you can be proud of that also works to effectively brand your business!

Click the button below now to get started for only $97.

It’s time to TAKE ACTION and take advantage of the social media marketing experience. I look forward to connecting with you today!

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